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My First Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Presentation

July 15, 2010

I have been asked to give a two hour presentation on the subjects of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.

Its been some time since I have presented and quite frankly as the presentation date approached I wrestled with whether or not I even wanted to give such a general presentation.

Of course now that I have completed it, I feel completely different!

I did learn some things while preparing the content.

1. Creating content is labor intensive

2. Mind maps are the only way I can create anything on time.

3. Mind maps make creating Powerpoint content considerably easier

4. “All work expands to fill the time available for its completion.” Parkinson’s Law

Or said in another way, if it weren’t for the last minute nothing would ever get done.

While I didn’t allow enough time to get this presentation done perfectly, I did get my presentation done – albeit at the last minute.

The following is a mind map of my Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Presentation.

Marketing Advertising Public Relations Mind Map

Marketing Advertising Public Relations Mind Map


Qualifying Your Investment In Advertising

April 2, 2010

Any price paid for advertising failure is too high.

What’s Wrong With This Search Ad?

March 8, 2010

I saw this ad today for in a Google search result for advertising.

Reach The Exact Audience You Want With Targeted Ads

Reach The Exact Audience You Want With Targeted Ads

Any search marketer who has successfully sold paid search to clients should be able to spot how Facebook’s argument for advertising on their site is fundamentally flawed.

Although digital, advertising on Facebook is still display advertising.

Marketing And Advertising One Plus Box Listings Pared From Google Local Search Results

November 19, 2009

Although I haven’t ever generated an online or offline transaction from my own firm’s Google Local Business Center listing, I have closely monitored my listing and its appearance or lack thereof in Google search results since business listings were first introduced.

Over time, the type of results have changed from lists of ten to as few as one result for specific business or category localized search queries.

I have also watched Google’s Local Business Center product evolve to its present version which includes rudimentary search traffic stats.

Because of the nature of my firm’s listing categories (advertising and marketing), generating a search referred transaction isn’t expected.

However, many small businesses have come to rely on the referrals Google local search listings provide.

Fortunately I haven’t relied on Google’s free local search referrals for generating new business; because if I had, my business would have since dried up with the recent changes impacting what appears to have only occurred in geo-modified advertising and marketing search results.

Prior to the recent paring of local advertising and marketing results, firms like mine could count on their local business listing being displayed for queries in their respective markets.

A generic web search query for marketing + city used to produce the following type of results.



A generic web search query for marketing consultant + city used to produce the following type of results.

Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant

In both instances and because of my firm’s listing presence, Google saw fit to publish my company’s details for these types of queries.

Once my Local Business Center listing even appeared inexplicably atop a Google Maps search for “marketing consultants”.

Google Maps Search Marketing Consultants

Google Maps Search Marketing Consultants

However, today the same search query for marketing + city produces the following results sans One Plus Box or any other type of previously seen types of multiple listing results.

Marketing Oklahoma City

Marketing Oklahoma City

The same holds true for a search for marketing consultant + city. No One Plus Box results or any type of multiple listing results.

Marketing Consultants Oklahoma City

Marketing Consultants Oklahoma City

Nor does my listing still appear atop a Google Maps search for marketing consultants. My listing shouldn’t have probably been there to begin with but its unclear to me as to why any of results that do appear for this particular search appear as they do.

Marketing Consultants Google Map Search

Marketing Consultants Google Map Search

Historically when these types of changes have appeared in search results, the new results types were evenly distributed across all business categories.

I am not so sure that is the case this time.

It looks like the advertising and marketing categories are the sole beneficiaries of these new types of category search results.

A quick search for other categories still produces any one of the previously identified One Plus Box results types.

A search for a local Doctor’s listing still produces his Google Local Business Center listing data.

Dr Local Web Search

Dr Local Web Search

A search for “Luxury Apartments Dallas” produces the recently discovered seven local results format.

Luxury Apartments Dallas

Luxury Apartments Dallas

However, a local search for my business name and city no longer produces a Google Local Business Center result like the the Doctor’s listing above.

Instead it produces a traditional search engine results page.

Google Web Search Advanced Marketing Consultants NIchols HIlls, OK

Google Web Search Advanced Marketing Consultants NIchols HIlls, OK

Although my local business center listings information still appears in a specific business name search in Google Maps, the One Box type result for my categories appears to be totally gone.

Google Maps Advanced Marketing Consultants Nichols HIlls, OK

Google Maps Advanced Marketing Consultants Nichols HIlls, OK

To confirm my experience isn’t unique, I ran several search queries in other markets for the same generic terms and produced the same type of results.

A search for “Advertising Agency New York” produces the same type of results as those identified above – no One Box or any type of multiple listings.

Advertising Agency New York Web Search

Advertising Agency New York Web Search

Yet a search for “marketing + city” produces a buggy list of non marketing related business listings ( (must be the data center).

Marketing New York

Marketing New York

I have seen these type of results before where similar nonsensical business listings appear in search categories unrelated to their primary business. Could these types of results been a catalyst for these recent category results changes?

However, a search for “marketing consultants new york city” produced the same type of search engine results pages mentioned initially.

Marketing Consultants New York City

Marketing Consultants New York City

Are these new search engine results pages for advertising and marketing related category + location specific search results by design and the new norm or are these new results the by-product of a bug?

If these results are indeed the new norm for the advertising and marketing industries, agencies and marketers alike may need to get acquainted with Google’s advertising product – Google Adwords – if they want their businesses to have a higher level of visibility in both Google search engine results pages and Google Maps.

The Internet: Media’s Black Hole

May 29, 2009

With the ongoing destruction of traditional media’s business model, it occurred to me the internet is to the media what a black hole is to a galaxy.

Princeton Wordnet’s definition of black hole:

(n) black hole (a region of space resulting from the collapse of a star; extremely high gravitational field)

In media’s case; eventually few if any advertising dollars will have been able to escape the pull of the internet’s “extremely high gravitational field.”

What two forces gave birth to the extremely high gravitational field now sucking the life out of traditional media’s business model?

Attention and Economics.

Before a seller can ever make a sale, they first have to get the buyers attention.

Traditional media has long since lost its monopoly of consumer’s attention and along with it the dollars advertisers spent to get buyers attention.

Google Business Channel on YouTube

October 27, 2008

For videos, presentations and webinars about Google’s business products and advertising solutions visit the Google Business Channel on YouTube.

Google Business Channel

Google Business Channel

There are presently 55 videos posted on the Google Business Channel.

Each video was created to address common questions marketers and advertisers have about Google’s marketing and advertising products.

Targeting iPhone Users with Google Adwords

October 9, 2008

Adweek reports Google has had discussions with ad agencies regarding advertisers targeting their ads to iPhone users specifically via Google Adwords.

While in Utah yesterday, my fly fishing guide Justin Harding and I noticed when using Google search from his iPhone Google Adwords advertising was sparse.

Initially, I thought it was because of the type of search we had ran.

However, after further investigative searches under highly competitive and advertised keywords, we weren’t ever able to see Adwords sponsored links on the right rail – only above the first search result.

Can a iPhone Google search display more than two Adwords advertisers ads as is now?

We weren’t able to generate any.

How is Google parsing iPhone search ads results for display? If they are, is Google distributing advertising to the iPhone with the same formula they use for displaying search results elsewhere?

Are iPhone screen real estate limitations the reason why we could only get two ads?

Even when we rotated the search results screen for horizontal viewing – under a Google search term that would typically have had up to ten sponsored links ( both above the search results and running down the right rail ) we were only able to generate two Adwords advertisers ads.

Will Google Adwords advertisers soon be able to select “iPhone” as a search distribution option along with “Google Search” and “Search Partners” within their campaigns Networks and bidding settings?

With 10 million iPhones in use and Apple’s iPhone supplying Google with its largest source of mobile search traffic, adding iPhone distribution to Google advertising campaigns will give Google Adwords advertisers another way to target and reach an increasingly mobile search audience.

Google Network Options

Google Network Options

Google Adwords Reports and Quality Score Management

September 25, 2008

With Google having added numeric quality scores ranging from 1 to 10 within all Adwords advertisers accounts, an entirely new level of performance data has become available to paid search managers.

Will Google Adwords Quality Score Management soon follow?

Presently, Adwords provides advertisers with ten different types of account performance reports.

The ten types of Google Adwords reports along with their attributes are:

1. Keyword Performance: Performance data for all keywords or those in selected campaigns.

2. Ad Performance: Performance data for each of your ads

3. URL Performance: Performance data for each of your Destination URLs.

4. Ad Group Performance: Ad group performance data for one or more of your campaigns.

5. Campaign Performance: Performance data for your campaigns.

6. Account Performance: Performance data for your entire account.

7. Demographic Performance: Performance data for sites by demographic.

8. Geographic Performance: Performance data by geographic origin.

9. Search Query Performance: Performance data for search queries which triggered your ad and received clicks.

10. Placement Performance: Performance data for placements where your ad was placed.

Adwords Quality Score Report Type

Adwords Quality Score Report Type

These ten types of Google Adwords reports provide valuable and actionable Adwords account performance data paid search managers require for making informed adverting purchasing decisions.

Reports are available in daily, weekly and monthly intervals.

With the Adwords reports advanced settings option, advertisers can receive an even greater degree of account performance details.

Additional attributes available from the advanced settings reports include performance statistics, conversion types and detailed conversion data.

Adwords Quality Score Advanced Settings

Adwords Quality Score Advanced Settings

With the advent of their Adwords numeric quality score, Google has now denominated the level of advertising performance it requires from advertisers.

Additionally, Google has given their advertisers a new tool for further identifying, managing and improving ad and keyword performance.

In exchange for their new advertising quality measurement tool, Google will ultimately get improved advertising quality.

As far as I know, the numeric quality score is the first metric Google has made public to either its publisher or advertiser community that can be measured against and thus managed to.

The numeric quality score is yet another milestone on Google’s road to further transparency with its advertisers.

At some point, will Google provide Adwords Quality Score reporting options to its advertisers too?

By providing advertisers with Quality Score reporting, advertisers will then have an another set of important data for further managing and improving the performance of their ads and keywords.

By making Quality Scores available in Adwords reports, Google would initialize the Adwords Quality Score Management process.

Share of Advertising Spend by Media

May 14, 2008



Nielsen Online, AdAcross
Month of February 2008

* Internet spending estimates are from AdRelevance. All others from Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Different methodologies employed by each company may lead to disproportionate comparisons.

Ad Spending by Medium
Medium Share of Spending
Network Television 25.5%
Cable Television 21.7%
Local Television 16.0%
National Magazines 12.4%
Internet 7.3%
Local Newspapers 4.9%
Syndicated Television 3.0%
Hispanic Television 2.8%
Local Radio 2.4%
Outdoor 1.4%
National Newspapers 1.1%
National Sunday Supplement 0.8%
Network Radio 0.5%
Coupon 0.2%
Local Magazines 0.1%
Local Sunday Supplement 0.0%