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Sample Sites

February 23, 2018

I am currently working on the following websites:


Directional Boring Inc

Directional Drilling Directory

Drilling Boring Contractors

Road Boring Contractors

Statewide Directional Boring

Tunneling Contractors

Horizontal Auger Boring

Horizontal Boring Contractors

Underground Boring Contractors

Arlington Boring Contractors

Denton Boring Contractors

Frisco Boring Contractors

Garland Boring Contractors

Irving Boring Contractors

League City Boring Contractors

McKinney Boring Contractors

Midland Boring Contractors

Pasadena Boring Contractors

Pearland Boring Contractors

Plano Boring Contractors

Richardson Boring Contractors

Sugarland Boring Contractors

Woodlands Boring Contractors

Texas Boring

Austin Directional Boring

Dallas Directional Boring

Fort Worth Directional Boring

Houston Directional Boring

San Antonio Directional Boring

Best Boring Contractors

Boring Brokers

Boring Contractors Near Me

Boring Subcontractors

US Directional Boring

Utility Directional Boring


An Update On My Blog Postings And Twitter Activity

May 8, 2012

I have written over 1,500 blog posts @ & while also posting 37,899+ Tweets @TimCohn

I stopped blogging regularly in 2011 and began publishing The Tim Cohn Digital Daily.

Personal Data Is Not Predictive

February 1, 2012

Personal data is not predictive.

Private Data Isn't Predictive

Private Data Isn't Predictive

If private personal data were predictive, then public personal data would be predictive too.

Social Media Data Mining Service Idea:

May 12, 2011

A simple three word idea for monetizing Twitter and possibly Facebook data.

Audio Post

March 17, 2011

Audio Post

March 16, 2011

Search Advertising Vs. Display Advertising

March 15, 2011

What small business can afford to run display advertising that doesn’t produce results?

What small business can afford not to run search advertising that only produces results?

Offline For A Week

March 14, 2011

Audio Post

March 13, 2011

Audio Post

March 12, 2011