About Tim Cohn

Tim Cohn is a marketing consultant, a recommended marketing resource for IBM Business Partners, Google Certified Partner, author of the Search Marketing Communications blog and the upcoming John Wiley and Sons book: For Sale By Google. Tim has written over 1,500 blog posts here on Search Marketing Communications and Timothy Cohn while also posting 40,000+ Tweets @TimCohn .

Tim stopped blogging regularly in 2011 when he began publishing the Tim Cohn Digital Daily.


Tim Cohn Google Partner


Tim Cohn Google AdWords Partner

Tim Cohn Google AdWords Partner

Tim has booked 110,515 transactions (leads and sales) for his clients across several Google Adwords accounts over the last few years with Google pay per click advertising.

To achieve the above results, Tim has generated  5,386,091 visitors, 972,045,102 ad impressions and spent $1,785,152.57 on Google Adwords.

No Adwords account is too small or too large to manage.

Tim Cohn's AdWords Account Performance

Tim Cohn’s AdWords Account Performance

If you need your Google Adwords account optimized, Tim can help.

If you have questions about Google advertising or Google Adwords, you can search this site.  There are over 1,110 pages here. One may have the answer to your search engine marketing or search engine advertising question.

“Search Marketing Communications”


1. The act or process of communicating with an audience upon their request through search engines.

First book interview with Forbes. See For Sale By Google from space.

Email Tim  @ tcohn @ marketingprinciples.com or call 1-405-842-0163 for a free Adwords consultation..

How to use the Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool:

Tim Cohn discovers the Wall Street Journal Google Adwords Pro Official Seal of Awesomeness:

Walll Street Journal

Walll Street Journal


2 Responses to “About Tim Cohn”

  1. Google Testing “Ads” Description Rather Than “Sponsored Links” For AdWords Says:

    […] Tim Cohn emailed us a screen shot of Google apparently using a new description next to AdWords search ads that appear on Google’s search results, just the word “ads” rather than the long-standing “sponsored links” disclaimer. […]

  2. Google 测试用 Ads 代替 AdWords 里的 Sponsored Links 标识? | IT News - 发布最新IT信息 Says:

    […] Tim Cohn发现了一个新奇事,他最近使用Google搜索时候,发现搜索结果页面右侧AdWords广告上方的标识文字由以前的Sponsored Links(下图)改成了Ads(上图)。 […]

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