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The Search Audience

December 12, 2010

What is the search audience?

Search Audience

Search Audience

What is wrong with this picture?


Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries Visualized

July 5, 2010

I had problems authenticating Google Webmaster Tools several months ago and stopped checking the five sites I had them installed on.

I accidentally figured out how to solve my authentication problem and got them back online today.

Since my last log in, Google Webmaster Tools has added a search queries visualization tool to help webmasters see how many times their pages (Queries) appear within search results (Impressions).

The tool data also shows how many clicks a site received on a percentage basis relative to the total number of impressions it and the other sites on the same page received for the same query.

Sample Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries

Sample Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries

The Click Through Rate and Average Position data for each query can also help webmasters better understand both their audience and Google’s ranking demands.

One of my pages has received a 35% CTR within the last 30 days while another received a 26% CTR.

The 35% CTR page had only 46 Impressions and 16 clicks while the 26% CTR page had 1000 Impressions and 260 clicks.

Both queries were three word phrases describing the same product yet the latter produced over 15 times more traffic.

If those two differences in results don’t illustrate the importance and rewards for understanding search audience demand, I don’t know what does.

New Keywords Data Available From Google Webmaster Tools

November 11, 2009

Google Webmaster Tools is now providing a greater level of detail regarding the keywords most associated with a claimed site.

For instance, below are the most common keywords Google found when crawling this site –

The keywords reported here should reflect the subject matter of your site and your search audience‘s search intent.

Keywords Update in Google Webmaster Tools

Keywords Update in Google Webmaster Tools

I was surprised to discover after writing hundreds of blog posts that this site has remained relatively on topic vis-a-vis the keywords most used within this site: Google Search Marketing.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Beta

September 26, 2009

Google Adwords has added a Keyword Tool Beta to help Adword’s advertisers reach a larger share of Google’s search audience.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Beta

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Beta

Clicking on Keyword Tool under the Opportunities tab in an Adwords account takes advertisers to an internal page with a Check out the new Keyword Tool (Beta) link.

New Keyword Tool  Interface

New Keyword Tool Interface

Advertisers can then enter keywords or a website to generate a list of keywords to evaluate and explore further.

Twitter Audience: Reaching 1,000 Twitter Followers

September 12, 2009

Today, my Twitter account briefly reached 1,000 Twitter Followers.

1000 Twitter Followers

1000 Twitter Followers

Having reached 1,000 Twitter “audience members” presents an obvious question: which is more valuable – a 1,000 person social media audience or 1,000 person search audience?

Targeting iPhone Users with Google Adwords

October 9, 2008

Adweek reports Google has had discussions with ad agencies regarding advertisers targeting their ads to iPhone users specifically via Google Adwords.

While in Utah yesterday, my fly fishing guide Justin Harding and I noticed when using Google search from his iPhone Google Adwords advertising was sparse.

Initially, I thought it was because of the type of search we had ran.

However, after further investigative searches under highly competitive and advertised keywords, we weren’t ever able to see Adwords sponsored links on the right rail – only above the first search result.

Can a iPhone Google search display more than two Adwords advertisers ads as is now?

We weren’t able to generate any.

How is Google parsing iPhone search ads results for display? If they are, is Google distributing advertising to the iPhone with the same formula they use for displaying search results elsewhere?

Are iPhone screen real estate limitations the reason why we could only get two ads?

Even when we rotated the search results screen for horizontal viewing – under a Google search term that would typically have had up to ten sponsored links ( both above the search results and running down the right rail ) we were only able to generate two Adwords advertisers ads.

Will Google Adwords advertisers soon be able to select “iPhone” as a search distribution option along with “Google Search” and “Search Partners” within their campaigns Networks and bidding settings?

With 10 million iPhones in use and Apple’s iPhone supplying Google with its largest source of mobile search traffic, adding iPhone distribution to Google advertising campaigns will give Google Adwords advertisers another way to target and reach an increasingly mobile search audience.

Google Network Options

Google Network Options