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Sex May Get Attention But It Doesn’t Get Twitter Followers

November 3, 2009

Correction: using sex in this post title and then publicizing it through Twitter will most certainly get my Twitter account new followers – just not the kind I prefer.

Being both a student of Search and Twitter audience behaviors results in my blogging and Tweeting about a variety of subjects not necessarily germane to marketing.

However, errant blog posts and Tweets can often produce as much value as on topic posts if not more.

Case in point – several days ago I Tweeted several links about the CIT bankruptcy – a subject I don’t particularly follow or have an ongoing interest in. However, the CIT bankruptcy was news at that particular time.

I also knew at the time of my post I would receive a bunch of auto follows from Twitter bot ran accounts.

Sure enough, the usual porn accounts autofollowed my account – which by the way can be nipped in the bud now with the Twitter report as spam link within Twitter accounts.

Report As Twitter Spam

Report As Twitter Spam

Then as expected my Twitter account was also auto-followed by Twitter accounts peddaling bankruptcy products and services.

Great marketing prowess Twidiots!

Because these Twitter spammers know their message will more than likely fall on deaf ears, they have jazzed up their profile pics with rather suggestive photos of women.



Nope, I am not in the market for whatever it is you are selling.



Although both are examples of a rather creative attempt at engaging the attention of Twitter accounts auto-followed who may also actually look at who is following them, it didn’t induce me to follow them back.

What’s the difference between a Twitter spammer pushing their message at me and the telemarketer who calls my phone – just because I have a telephone number?

Not much.

Thus – an open letter to Twitter spammers:

Dear Twitter Spammers,

My Twitter account is hereby officially placed on the Do Not Tweet Me Twitter Spam List.


Tweet Spam Me Not

From this point forward – at least after this post appears – I will have to edit and sculpt my Tweets carefully in order to make sure my Twitter profile is sculpted in a way that enriches the Twitter experience – not one that devalues it.


Twitter Audience: Reaching 1,000 Twitter Followers

September 12, 2009

Today, my Twitter account briefly reached 1,000 Twitter Followers.

1000 Twitter Followers

1000 Twitter Followers

Having reached 1,000 Twitter “audience members” presents an obvious question: which is more valuable – a 1,000 person social media audience or 1,000 person search audience?

TwitBlock Alpha: Parsing Twitter Followers By Their Fruits

July 29, 2009

1938 Media Tweeted about a new Twitter Follower tool called TwitBlock Alpha.

The tool scans a Twitter account’s Followers list and generates scores for each Twitter Follower.

TwitBlock Alpha

TwitBlock Alpha

The higher the score, the more likely the Twitter Follower is a spammer – or at least has used one of those automated tools that proclaim “1000 New Twitter Followers Overnight”.

Just yesterday, I asked who are the 10,000+ people  would follow a Twitter account with 14 Tweets?

Fake Followers

Fake Followers

Probably someone who’s TwitBlock score – coincidentally – is off the charts.

The following is the top Twitter Spam Score from my Twitter Followers list:

Twitter Spam Score

Twitter Spam Score

As you can see, 1 Twitter Update, Following 490 and 6 Followers is indicative of a spammy Twitter account.

As I have increased my Tweets, I have noticed a disproportionate amount of following by Twitter spammers.

Hopefully an app service like TwitBlock can ultimately predictively model and prevent Fake Twitter Followers. attempts to do the same.

How To Create and Search Your Own Twitter Followers List

July 22, 2009

Yesterday I wrote a post about how to create and search a list of Twitter updates in both WordPress and Google.

Today, I am going to tackle a similar problem: Searching Twitter Followers and Following lists.

Until Twitter makes searching Twitter account followers and following lists part of Twitter search, finding someone who follows you or who is following you isn’t very easy to do.

Creating a searchable list isn’t too dificult it just requires some time.

Go to your Twitter account and click on your followers link and select list view.

This will produce a list of 20 followers per page.

Twitter Followers List

Twitter Followers List

Copy the list of followers from each page.

Depending on how many followers you have will determine how many pages you will have to scroll through and scrape to create your own searchable list.

I have 873 followers at the moment so I had to visit 43 pages to create my list.

Paste the list of followers into a Word document or Excel if you extracted tables and save.

You can now sort either the Word or Excel documents alphabetically to create your first archived list of Followers in a searchable hierarchy.

To archive your Twitter followers list in the cloud, import it into a Google indexed WordPress blog and wallah! – you will have a instant browser searchable WordPress file with a list of all your followers.

After the Googlebot visits your site, your list of followers will also be archived in Google’s search engine results pages.

I have posted my current list of Twitter followers over on

How Not To Market on Twitter

February 21, 2009

I received the following email from a Twitterer today which in turn has prompted this post: How Not to Market.

Twitter Follower Notification

Twitter Follower Notification

How Not to Market?

First set up a Twitter account under a sexy sounding girls name and then grab an image of the hottest looking girl you can find (preferrably a stock image you don’t have to pay for) Actually image ownership rights of the girl won’t matter because your site won’t be visited by anyone other than those you follow.

How Not To Market On Twitter

How Not To Market On Twitter

Next, get an affiliate account id for some spammy product that purportedly sells well with possibly your own domain pointing to the spammy affiliate page and then post your new prized domain on your Twitter profile page under your Web address.

Begin search for Tweets about Twitter or other generic non specific terms in Twitter Search.

Compile a list of recent Tweets and their authors to first stalk and then follow in the hopes their Twitter accounts will automatically follow you. If “stalkees” don’t automatically follow you back,  your hot girl picture should at least do the trick to get the followed to at least click through to your web address to learn more about what it is that you do.

This assumes the followed aren’t suspicious about your single update which upon reading sounds like the introductory sales script from a telemarketer’s cold call.

Then – PRAY! – those who you followed actually eyeball your spammy affiliate web site are also in the market for whatever it is your affiliate site is selling.

Twitter Web Address

Twitter Web Address

Increase click-throughs to your site and hedge your bets by making the biggest promise of all –  that your giving away endless quantities of cash – just like the latest Twitter spammer above who followed me did.

The problem with this “social media marketing model” is if anyone of the followed actually visit your website – they will do so only once and then they will probably be mad they were tricked into visiting your website to begin with.

If the new / social media marketer is lucky, they may even get a special  blog post written about just how special their social medai marketing  “user experience” was.