Making Twitter Updates Searchable

I have posted over 16,000 words 140 characters at a time to Twitter since I began Tweeting in May of 2008.

Recently I became concerned about the Twitter cloud’s ability to archive my Tweets for a prolonged period of time.

I don’t have the same concern about WordPress’ ability to archive my blog posts so I thought I would mash the two together to create a searchable archive of my Twitter updates both here in my WordPress blog and ultimately in Google’s search engine results pages via the Googlebot crawl.

To create a searchable archive of your Twitter updates, Go to your Twitter Updates link to scroll, scrape and copy all of your Twitter Updates into a Word document or Text editor.

Then create a new blog post in your WordPress blog and paste all of your Tweets into a post with or without each Tweets hashtag (#).

Once you have published your Tweet post in WordPress, visit your blog and search for any of your Tweets by date or keyword in your WordPress search box.

Your Twitter updates are now archived within WordPress.

Provided your blog is already in the Google index, your Twitter updates will then soon be locatable within Google search engine results pages too.

I have posted an example of searchable Twitter Updates on my personal blog


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