TwitBlock Alpha: Parsing Twitter Followers By Their Fruits

1938 Media Tweeted about a new Twitter Follower tool called TwitBlock Alpha.

The tool scans a Twitter account’s Followers list and generates scores for each Twitter Follower.

TwitBlock Alpha

TwitBlock Alpha

The higher the score, the more likely the Twitter Follower is a spammer – or at least has used one of those automated tools that proclaim “1000 New Twitter Followers Overnight”.

Just yesterday, I asked who are the 10,000+ people  would follow a Twitter account with 14 Tweets?

Fake Followers

Fake Followers

Probably someone who’s TwitBlock score – coincidentally – is off the charts.

The following is the top Twitter Spam Score from my Twitter Followers list:

Twitter Spam Score

Twitter Spam Score

As you can see, 1 Twitter Update, Following 490 and 6 Followers is indicative of a spammy Twitter account.

As I have increased my Tweets, I have noticed a disproportionate amount of following by Twitter spammers.

Hopefully an app service like TwitBlock can ultimately predictively model and prevent Fake Twitter Followers. attempts to do the same.


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