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Google Webmaster Tools: Top 20 Site Keywords

October 8, 2010

If you haven’t installed Google Webmaster Tools on your site, I highly recommend doing so.

Combined together – data from Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google Adwords, provide actionable insight from three different and valuable perspectives.

After posting here for over 730 days in a row, I have decided to take a moment and reflect on what kind of traffic and results my site has produced during that time period.

Overall, I am happy with both my content product and the results it has produced.

However, going forward I want to apply all of the  insight and knowledge I have gained from having remained on task.

Since I didn’t start out with an editorial calender let alone a content plan when I began blogging , I thought I would use the Google Webmaster’s Tool Top 20 Site Keywords data to see what it is exactly I have been writing about for the last several years. I have a general idea, but Google’s data has specific ideas about the nature of my site.

Fortunately, the Top 20 Site Keywords tool reveals a theme consistent with my consulting practice focus vis-a-vis the keywords most often found and thus associated with this site.

Here are the top 20 keywords associated with the Search Marketing Communications domain and blog –


Top 20 Site Keywords

Top 20 Site Keywords


Granted, without a formalized content plan  – the subject matter found within this blog could be considered wide and not necessarily focused.

Going forward, I plan to continue writing about the above subjects while also covering some of the following topics not in any particular order –

Ad Agency Training





Assist keywords






Crowd source

Crowd words


Direct Marketing

Direct Response









Google Places

Image Ads


Last click

Listening Campaign


Location Extensions







Real time search



Rich Media



Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Funnels


Share of spend

Share of Voice

Social Search


Word of Mouth

Next, I will generate a mind map of this blog’s editorial focus going forward.

This is a work in progress…


Google Webmaster Tools Disconnect Between Data and Search Engine Results

August 14, 2010

Ever wonder why the search queries report in Webmaster Tools shows some keywords ranking  yet after searching for them they are nowhere to be found?

Google’e Matt Cutts provides a comprehensive answer to this question in the video below.

How To See A List of All The Pictures Within A Website

July 10, 2010

Wonder what images are within a website?

Today I was searching within Google to see how many pages of this site were available within their index compared to how many were showing in my Google Webmaster Tools account. shows 783 pages within this site while my Webmaster Tools account shows 684 pages.

However, my WordPress account shows I have written and published 854 pages on this site.

Google Site Search

Google Site Search

After I left the Google search, I inadvertently ran a search for in Google Images.

To my surprise, Google Image search then produced the following list of 584 images within

Site Image Search

Site Image Search

Turns out the Google site operator also works within all of their properties for any site – even Google Maps.

There is only one result within Google Maps for but its pretty cool – The Washington Monument.

I gave a search engine marketing presentation in Washington D.C. a while back and seeing the Washington Monument image brings back fond memories.

Site Operator Google Maps

Site Operator Google Maps

To find out how many pages Google has indexed from your website go to Google and search

Google Webmaster Tools Adds Favicons

January 11, 2010

I noticed the web sites I monitor in my Google Webmaster Tools account have had Favicons added to their urls.

Google Webmaster Tools Favicons

Google Webmaster Tools Favicons

I don’t recall seeing favicons last week, so I believe they have just been added today.

Having a favicon next to each domain helps me navigate my Google Webmaster Tools account more easily and quickly.

New Keywords Data Available From Google Webmaster Tools

November 11, 2009

Google Webmaster Tools is now providing a greater level of detail regarding the keywords most associated with a claimed site.

For instance, below are the most common keywords Google found when crawling this site –

The keywords reported here should reflect the subject matter of your site and your search audience‘s search intent.

Keywords Update in Google Webmaster Tools

Keywords Update in Google Webmaster Tools

I was surprised to discover after writing hundreds of blog posts that this site has remained relatively on topic vis-a-vis the keywords most used within this site: Google Search Marketing.

Google Sitemaps No Errors

October 4, 2009

In a previous post, I wrote about how I have had ongoing problems with this website and its traffic since I switched to’s domain mapping service.

I have added Google Webmaster Tools to this site to begin the process of diagnosing and correcting what problems may exist on this side of the server.

According to my Google Webmaster Tools account, my recent sitemaps.xml file resubmission appears to have been successful.

Google Sitemaps No Errors

Google Sitemaps No Errors

Although approximately half of my pages are being indexed by Google, I remain encouraged by the message above.

Indexed URLs Less Than Half of Total URLs

September 9, 2009

With having written a blog post every single day for over a year now, I have accumulated and published 556 unique articles for via WordPress.

While all of my blog posts unique domains have been identified and crawled, less than half are appearing in Google’s index.



With no sitemap errors or warnings reported in my Google Webmaster Tools dashboard, I am somewhat perplexed why the percentage of my pages indexed is not 100%.



Granted, a 100% index rate may be rare but some of my other WordPress hosted sites are enjoying greater Google page indexing success rates like the example below.



What can I do to get all of this site’s pages indexed?

Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Stats

August 25, 2009

Switching from a WordPress subdomain to my own domain has proved to be much more expensive than the $10 annual domain mapping fee I pay WordPress.

I went from having hundreds of visitors daily to less than one hundred visitors a day.

Being in the business of traffic generation primarily through Google Adwords pay per click, the drop in “orgnanic” traffic proved to be quite frustrating.

I installed Google Webmaster Tools on this blog and verified the site as directed.

Several months passed and nothing changed.

I then decided to submit a reconsideration request which in turn got my domain mapping WordPress redirect resolved.

Yet, continued to languish in Google’s search results barely registering 200 of my nearly 600 pages.

Yesterday,  I spent some time in my Google Webmaster Tools account and today I noticed my “Crawl Stats” jumped significantly from their average page crawl rate.

Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Stats

Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Stats

I am hoping this new average page crawl high will soon lead to a greater presence of my web site’s pages within Google’s search engine results pages.

Time will tell and so will my Google Webmaster Tools dashboard.

Google Webmaster Tools Site Review Request Process

July 14, 2009


I have now officially had enough with the WordPress domain mapping and redirection service and its causing my WordPress blog to disappear from Google search results for going on six months now.

I asked for help again from WordPress several days ago and got the following response:

Wordpress Response

Wordpress Response

As you can see from the above, WordPress doesn’t think its part of the problem but instead suggests Google is the responsible party.

Having already verified my new mapped WordPress domain with Google Webmaster Tools some time ago, I can submit a reconsideration request from Google.

There aren’t any options for just asking Google – hey why isn’t my site in the Google index?

Google Webmaster Tools Reconsideration Request

Google Webmaster Tools Reconsideration Request

The presupposition with this particular request is a site isn’t in Google’s index because of something the site owner did – not what Google may or may not have done.

Reluctantly – I submitted the Google reconsideration request.

I had previously written WordPress about my experience and frustration with their lack of  documentation and the caveats of their domain mapping service.

A WordPress staff member “Tellyworth” did provide a general answer to my question about their service in the WordPress forums:

Timothy, does a 302 redirect from all of your old URLs to the new domain, to notify Google and other search engines of the new location. We’ve determined that is the safest way to do it.

Using a 301 (permanent) redirect is faster, but it usually causes both the old and new URLs to completely vanish from Google results for several weeks or more.

302 redirects will mean that Google takes longer to use the new domain – sometimes months or more – but your old URLs will usually retain their position in the search results until then. And people who click on the old URLs are obviously redirected to the correct location.

Google Webmaster Tools has the following boiler plater response to Reconsideration requests:

Google Webmaster Site Review

Google Webmaster Site Review

Below I provided my description of how I followed both WordPress and Google instructions and yet nearly six months have passed without my site appearing in Google’s search results.

Google Webmaster Site Review Request

Google Webmaster Site Review Request

At this point I have concluded, WordPress’ domain mapping service is effectively a Google search traffic death sentence.