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Google Analytics: Goals And Ecommerce Tracking

February 4, 2011

In this video, Google Analytics experts cover macro vs. micro conversions, using analytics on affiliate sites, tracking different domains, and more.


Alternative Methods For Verifying Google Places Bulk Upload Requests

January 18, 2011

If you are a third party agent attempting to verify a Google Places bulk upload request you may find your initial request rejected.

Google Places Bulk Upload Verification Part II

Google Places Bulk Upload Verification Part II

If so, Google Places offers two alternative methods for submitting and verifying a bulk upload request.

The two methods are:

1. Create a new Google Places account using an email address from your company’s website domain. For example, if we created an account for Google, we’d use an email address as the account’s email address. From there, upload the data file and request verification again using this new account. These requests will be resolved quickly.

2. Respond to this email and carbon copy (CC) a person who has an email address with a business domain. So again, if we were uploading listings for Google, we’d CC someone with an email address. Then, this person should reply all and give written permission for Google to verify the account. The response can be as simple as “Please verify the listings in the Google Places account,” We’d like to emphasize that, while we’ll accept this form of verification, using generic email addresses isn’t recommended, and we recommend the usage of a corporate domain email for account management.

While Google’s need for an email from an account holder’s corporate domain address to verify a Google Places bulk upload request sounds logical, it doesn’t take into consideration the fact that this particular request came from the corporate Google account of the company associated with their Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts!

Additionally, the corporate contact name and phone number was listed on the original upload request.

No matter…

Here is the conclusion of their email response:

Once you’ve done this, we’ll process your request and follow up with a confirmation email. If you don’t follow either of the two actions above, we’ll assume you aren’t authorized to upload the listings and won’t verify the account.

Thanks for your understanding.

The Google Team

Based on this email, it appears to me Google assumes that any bulk Places upload request that comes from any email address  other than that of the corporate domain – even an otherwise authenticated Gmail account – is illegitimate.


Google Places Dashboard

December 3, 2010

After a year or longer absence, my Google Places Dashboard has finally reappeared and with data!

Google Places Dashboard Live

Google Places Dashboard Live

While all of the above data can be found in the minutia of my site’s Google Analytics account, the Google Places Dashboard provides a quick overview of local search demand for my business in one convenient location.

Quite frankly, I was surprised to learn Google sent any clicks to my website at all.

Google Webmaster Tools: Top 20 Site Keywords

October 8, 2010

If you haven’t installed Google Webmaster Tools on your site, I highly recommend doing so.

Combined together – data from Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google Adwords, provide actionable insight from three different and valuable perspectives.

After posting here for over 730 days in a row, I have decided to take a moment and reflect on what kind of traffic and results my site has produced during that time period.

Overall, I am happy with both my content product and the results it has produced.

However, going forward I want to apply all of the  insight and knowledge I have gained from having remained on task.

Since I didn’t start out with an editorial calender let alone a content plan when I began blogging , I thought I would use the Google Webmaster’s Tool Top 20 Site Keywords data to see what it is exactly I have been writing about for the last several years. I have a general idea, but Google’s data has specific ideas about the nature of my site.

Fortunately, the Top 20 Site Keywords tool reveals a theme consistent with my consulting practice focus vis-a-vis the keywords most often found and thus associated with this site.

Here are the top 20 keywords associated with the Search Marketing Communications domain and blog –


Top 20 Site Keywords

Top 20 Site Keywords


Granted, without a formalized content plan  – the subject matter found within this blog could be considered wide and not necessarily focused.

Going forward, I plan to continue writing about the above subjects while also covering some of the following topics not in any particular order –

Ad Agency Training





Assist keywords






Crowd source

Crowd words


Direct Marketing

Direct Response









Google Places

Image Ads


Last click

Listening Campaign


Location Extensions







Real time search



Rich Media



Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Funnels


Share of spend

Share of Voice

Social Search


Word of Mouth

Next, I will generate a mind map of this blog’s editorial focus going forward.

This is a work in progress…

Google Web Analytics TV Episode #8

April 18, 2010

Google Analytics Experts Avinash Kaushik & Nick Mihailovski answer  questions about Analytics and other Google tools.

Topics covered in this video include macro vs. micro conversions, using analytics on affiliate sites, tracking different domains, and more.

Google Analytics TV Episode #7

March 19, 2010

Google Analytics sxperts Avinash Kaushik & Nick Mihailovski answer questions about Analytics and other Google tools.

Topics covered in this episode include auditing the data being tracked instead of waiting until it gets processed, tracking new search terms, where to begin when starting Google Analytics, best practices for setting up conversions goals on e-commerce sites and becoming an analysis ninja.

Google Webinar: Using Data To Better Connect With Your Customers

October 10, 2009

Google Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik recently hosted a one and a half hour long webinar called “Using Better Data to Connect with Your Customers.”

Although I wasn’t able to attend the original webinar, watching this video at a time that was convenient for me was the next best thing to being there.

I look forward to seeing more webinars like this one on the Google Business Channel @ YouTube.

Free Google Adwords and Google Analytics Webinars

April 18, 2009

Google has several free webinars for search engine marketers coming up later this month through early June.

Conversion Optimiser
Learn how to get more conversions for Google AdWords campaigns at a lower cost using Google’s free CPA bidding tool.

29th April 3pm (GMT)

Google Analytics

Google Analytics I:

Getting started and tracking conversions.
An introduction into Google Analytics and how you can use it to help your online business.

6th May 3pm (GMT)

Google Analytics II

Managing your Google Analytics account set up for best results.
Advanced implementation issues for complex websites, such as third party shopping carts and sub-domains.

13th May 3pm (GMT)

Google Analytics III

Report navigation and analysis of Google AdWords data. Understanding reports and how to use them to identify areas of development for your AdWords account.

20th May 3pm (GMT)

Website Optimiser
An introduction to Google Website Optimiser and how to launch your first test to improve the performance of your website.

3rd June 3pm (GMT)

Sign for Google’s free webinars here.

Google Conversion Room Blog

December 20, 2008

Google has launched their newest blog: “Conversion Room – The place to visit for tips on tracking and improving conversions online”.

The Conversion Room blog was started on December 18, 2008 and prior to my subscription had 11 subscribers.

Google Conversion Room Blog

Google Conversion Room Blog

Search marketers interested in learning more about the terminology and process of tracking and improving online conversions should find Google’s Conversion Room blog helpful.

From the 2nd entry on the Google Conversion Room blog:

What is a goal/conversion?

In order to track your website ROI, it is important to define goals or conversions. A goal is an action you wish your visitors to complete when they visit your site. Examples of goals include: a completed purchase, the download of a document or a subscription to a newsletter.

How to set up goals?

You can easily set up goals within Google Analytics and measure how often visitors reach these goals (or convert on your site). What proportion of users who reach your home page, for example, then go on to buy from you? You can also specify steps that lead to a goal (e.g. purchase or lead) and measure how many visitors follow these steps, called a funnel. You can create up to 4 goals per profile in your Google Analytics account. Once you have activated your goal you will begin to see data appearing in your Google Analytics account under the ‘Goals’ report

Sign up for the Conversion Room blog to get regular tips for increasing your website’s conversions and return on investment.