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Google Launches Analytics Help Forum

November 25, 2008

The Official Google Analytics Blog announced today they have established a Google Analytics help forum.

Google Analytics Help

Google Analytics Help

Google Analytics users can ask questions and get answers from both Google employees and other Analytics users.

With the launch of this new Analytics Help Forum, the old Analytics Help Group has been closed to new questions but will still be available for informational searches.

The new help forum will have a “Best Answers” feature (as voted by the community) so the best responses gain the most visibility.

Another feature includes a “Related Questions” list which appears as forum participants enter their questions.

Analytics Help also provides a list of top searches for discovering answers to common Google Analytics questions.

Google Analytics Help Forum

Google Analytics Help Forum

Providing this type of searchable knowledge base to Google Analytics users should help both Google and their Analytics user base.

YouTuberati: Video Marketing Analytics

March 27, 2008 is now providing YouTube video publishers with a light version of Google Analytics.

YouTube analytics supply the number of views each video within an account have generated over a 5 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, one year or “all time” period.

The YouTube “Views by country” feauture shows how truly has global reach.

My Google Adwords keyword suggestion tool video analytics show how YouTube has served my video to searchers in 65 countries.

YouTube Video Views Analytics

The other main YouTube analytics feature shows how popular a video is within territories. Popularity is 100 for the most watched video in a territory and 0 for the least watched.

YouTube Video Popularity Stats

By providing YouTube Video publishers with stats on how their videos are performing, has begun the process of transforming the Tuberati into not only video producers but also video marketers.

Barry Schwartz provides greater detail on how YouTube Video Analytics work at Search Engine Land.