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Include Your Twitter Address in YouTube Videos

February 3, 2009

Danny Sullivan tweeted his plans for placing his Twitter address on his business cards.

Great idea.

I too have been considering ways to cross promote some of my content from one platform to another.

His tweet prompted me to follow through with several ideas I have had for extending my Twitter account’s reach.

I have added my Twitter address to my Google Adwords Professional video on YouTube.

YouTube Twitter

YouTube Twitter

To me, it seems only natural for YouTube producers to add their Twitter contact details to their videos.

I am surprised YouTube hasn’t yet added Twitter as one of their sharing options.

Share YouTube with Twitter

Share YouTube with Twitter

Its not an option on YouTube yet…

Surely adding Twitter to YouTube’s share options would help both properties further develop and deepen their respective shares audience attention.

Connecting YouTube’s  and Twitter’s audiences may provide further monetization opportunities as well.


YouTube Now Considered A Google Adwords Search Partner?

January 19, 2009

Over the weekend I noticed some of my clients Google Adwords ads – not YouTube Sponsored Video ads – began displaying in YouTube search results.

I don’t recall seeing or selecting YouTube search as a distribution option in my Adwords dashboard.

However, I think distributing brand related keyword ads to YouTube search results is a logical evolution in both the Google Adwords text ad distribution platform and YouTube search.

According to comScore, if YouTube were to stand alone it would be the second largest searched site after Google itself.

Where will Adwords advertisers soon find YouTube as an ad distribution option in their Adwords account?

Will they find it under the Networks and Bidding options?

Google Networks Bidding

Google Networks Bidding

Or will we see it after learning about the Google Search Network?

Google Search Network

Google Search Network

Its not yet in the list of Google Search partners today but I it soon could be…

Google Search Network Partners

Google Search Network Partners

Unless of course, Google’s ownership of YouTube doesn’t technically require them to identify and disclose YouTube as a search partner.

I guess Google’s considering YouTube an extended part of Google search would still be technically correct.

Won’t we soon learn which path Google has chosen?

Insight: YouTube Statistics

September 4, 2008

My Google Keyword Suggestion Tool video on YouTube is attracting one of the oldest audience segments YouTube reaches.

YouTube Demographic Stats

YouTube Demographic Stats

According to Insight, YouTube’s statistics package, 100% of YouTube viewers of my 2:25 minute Google Keyword Suggestion tool video within the last 30 days were 45-54 year old males.

Not 50% or 80% but 100%.

If women aren’t watching keyword suggestion tool videos on YouTube, I wonder what types of videos women are watching on YouTube?

YouTube Insight statistics also provide data on a video’s popularity within a country and how it was discovered through its source of views “discovery” tab.

YouTube Country Stats

YouTube Country Stats

YouTube Discovery

YouTube Discovery

YouTube Insight provides statistics to everyone who publishes their videos on YouTube.

Get insight into how your videos are performing by logging into your account and clicking on “My Videos”.

Each video has a dashboard with Play, Edit, Annotations and Insight buttons.

Click on Insight to learn how each of your videos are performing on YouTube.

YouTube Classified Ads: A Car For Sale

May 16, 2008

After nearly ten years of driving the same car, I recently bought a new one.

I decided to sell my old car the new way – online.

Having been on the web now for nearly a decade, I have found a lot of inefficiencies remain when it comes time to bridge the gap between generating a lead online and closing a high ticket sale offline.

When it comes to selling cars online there are several options.

eBay Motors and were the two resources that came to mind.

Up until yesterday, I didn’t have an eBay account so eBay Motors wasn’t an option. If I recall though, eBay Motors is the largest single used “car dealer” in the world – last time I looked I think they generated $2 Billion in car sales annually.

I have an older Mercedes and because of its limited appeal, I sought the advice of a local used car dealer on how best to go about selling it.

He recommended trying

I set up an account and got my car advertised online within a day and then in the local Auto Trader print publication within a week.

Auto Trader Ad

Auto Trader Print

I started getting calls soon after my ad came out and then slowly came to realize some of the aforementioned online lead to offline sale time related inefficiencies.

The internet is great for connecting sellers with buyers they wouldn’t have otherwise likely ever met, however when it comes time to sell something large and physical it presents a whole new set of problems.

Half of the inquiries I received about the car resulted in the callers desire to see and test drive the car.

Well, I am not a car salesman and I don’t have time to drop everything I am doing to go show a car at unpredictable times of the weekday. Scheduling time to meet potential buyers on the weekend is even more difficult.

The problem: How can I “show” my car to prospective buyers without having to take an hour or two of my time to do it?

My answer: Produce a short video clip of the car that shows its condition to prospective buyers and post it on YouTube. Prospects can then “look” over the car without either of us having to physically meet to do it.

I shot a couple of minutes of video and then posted it in my YouTube account.

I also modified both my online and print AutoTrader ads to include “Search YouTube” to see this car. Ad:

The video has been up a week and according to YouTube’s insight feature the video has already been viewed over 100 times primarily from searches within YouTube.

YouTube Video Insight:

YouTube Insight

I have also posted a Craigslist ad for my car. It too mentions viewing the car online beforehand by searching for it in YouTube.

Craigslist Ad:

Now whenever I get a call about the car, I ask them whether they have seen it on YouTube or not and then direct them to its YouTube page to see it first before we arrange a time to test drive it.

Using YouTube to preview used cars for sale reduces the inefficiencies of showing vehicles to non buyers while further qualifiing the prospects most interested in potentially buying my car.

I have set a couple of appointments for prospects to test drive my car this weekend.

Regardless of whether the car gets sold this weekend or not, I haven’t wasted my time showing it to someone who hasn’t already convinced me they are a highly qualified –ie., interested – prospective buyer .

YouTuberati: Video Marketing Analytics

March 27, 2008 is now providing YouTube video publishers with a light version of Google Analytics.

YouTube analytics supply the number of views each video within an account have generated over a 5 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, one year or “all time” period.

The YouTube “Views by country” feauture shows how truly has global reach.

My Google Adwords keyword suggestion tool video analytics show how YouTube has served my video to searchers in 65 countries.

YouTube Video Views Analytics

The other main YouTube analytics feature shows how popular a video is within territories. Popularity is 100 for the most watched video in a territory and 0 for the least watched.

YouTube Video Popularity Stats

By providing YouTube Video publishers with stats on how their videos are performing, has begun the process of transforming the Tuberati into not only video producers but also video marketers.

Barry Schwartz provides greater detail on how YouTube Video Analytics work at Search Engine Land.

The Internet Advertising Market

January 17, 2008

comScore Media Metrix has released its monthly analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties for December 2007.

According to comScore’s Top 50 Ad Focus Ranking: “ continued to lead the Ad Focus ranking of ad networks and sites accepting advertising, reaching 86 percent of the more than 183 million Americans online in December. Specific Media gained four spots to capture the fourth position reaching 77 percent of the online population. Collective Media gained seven spots to position 14, while climbed three spots to 34. YuMe Video Network, About, and Disney Online all entered the ranking this month capturing positions 37, 44, and 48, respectively.”

comScore’s Top 50 Ad Focus list is a great overview of the internet advertising market.

It also serves as a great starting point and road map for any business looking to expand their marketing presence online.

The following are the Top 50 Sources for Marketing and Advertising your business online according to comScore Media Metrix:
2. Yahoo! Network**
3. Google Ad Network**
4. Specific Media**
5. Yahoo!
6. ValueClick Networks**
7. Blue Lithium**
8. Tribal Fusion**
9. Google
10. Casale Media Network**
11. AOL Media Network
12. DRIVEpm**
13. MSN-Windows Live
14. Collective Media**
15. interCLICK**
16. Traffic Marketplace**
17. Home Page
18. adconion media group**
19. Tremor Media
20. AOL
21. 24/7 Real Media**
22. Burst Media**
23. ADSDAQ by ContextWeb**
24. AdBrite**
25. Centro
26. Vibrant Media**
28. CPX Interactive**
30. Gorilla Nation Media
31. Undertone Networks**
32. Home Page
36. Ask Network
37. YuMe Video Network
38. Network
39. Home Page
40. Kontera**
41. PrecisionClick**
42. Mapquest
44. About
45. The Nabbr Network
48. Disney Online
49. Vizi Media**
50. Real Cities Network

comScore Top 50 Ad Focus Now Appearing in Google Search Results

June 7, 2007

Over the last several weeks, I have begun to see an occasional You Tube video clip or two in Google search results.

A video I posted on You Tube on May 27, 2007 and tagged with Google Adwords Professional is now appearing in Google search results as of today June 7, 2007.

It will be interesting to see how You Tube videos compete for page positions with their text counterparts.

Google Adwords Professional

Live Advertising on

May 27, 2007

Not only is buying banner ads on YouTube so is Microsoft’s Live.

Live on


May 27, 2007

While searching for a video clip today I noticed is buying banner ads on

I wonder if Ask makes their money back from YouTube after searches at deliver Google search network ads?