YouTube Now Considered A Google Adwords Search Partner?

Over the weekend I noticed some of my clients Google Adwords ads – not YouTube Sponsored Video ads – began displaying in YouTube search results.

I don’t recall seeing or selecting YouTube search as a distribution option in my Adwords dashboard.

However, I think distributing brand related keyword ads to YouTube search results is a logical evolution in both the Google Adwords text ad distribution platform and YouTube search.

According to comScore, if YouTube were to stand alone it would be the second largest searched site after Google itself.

Where will Adwords advertisers soon find YouTube as an ad distribution option in their Adwords account?

Will they find it under the Networks and Bidding options?

Google Networks Bidding

Google Networks Bidding

Or will we see it after learning about the Google Search Network?

Google Search Network

Google Search Network

Its not yet in the list of Google Search partners today but I it soon could be…

Google Search Network Partners

Google Search Network Partners

Unless of course, Google’s ownership of YouTube doesn’t technically require them to identify and disclose YouTube as a search partner.

I guess Google’s considering YouTube an extended part of Google search would still be technically correct.

Won’t we soon learn which path Google has chosen?


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