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The Power of How to Videos

June 25, 2010

To my surprise, a video I shot in my backyard and uploaded to YouTube showing how to move a storage shed has produced the highest number of views of any video I have uploaded to my YouTube account.

The video has received 21,876 views since May 2008.

The Power of How To Videos

The Power of How To Videos

During the last two week period, 31.5% of the video’s views were originated by a Google search for “how to move a storage shed’.

No surprise there – my video is the first link found under the search for “how to move a storage shed” in Google.

How to Move A Storage Shed Google

How to Move A Storage Shed Google

Related videos however provided 33.5% of the video’s views.

YouTube Discovery

YouTube Discovery

A look at the key phrases used upstream before referral to my video reveal that not every video and its content’s description were either what the audience had described or had expected to find.

YouTube Discover Referals

YouTube Discover Referals

My selection of the video’s title and description was the result of having spent years studying searcher behavior.

Google’s locating my video atop their search results for “how to move a storage shed” illustrates the importance of knowing how to reach the Google audience with terms both Google and their audience prefer.


YouTube India Launches

May 8, 2008

YouTube India has launched with a local home page ( which features user-generated videos and content from their existing Bollywood and broadcaster partners Eros Entertainment and New Delhi Television among others.

The site resolves to its India specific YouTube sub domain.

Other partners include the International Indian Film Academy Awards, and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

YouTube India launched Wednesday May 7th, 2008. Now Appearing in Google Search Results

June 7, 2007

Over the last several weeks, I have begun to see an occasional You Tube video clip or two in Google search results.

A video I posted on You Tube on May 27, 2007 and tagged with Google Adwords Professional is now appearing in Google search results as of today June 7, 2007.

It will be interesting to see how You Tube videos compete for page positions with their text counterparts.

Google Adwords Professional