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Google Engage: Sign Up As A Google AdWords Agent

January 31, 2011

Google has established a resource center for search engine marketing (SEM) professionals, marketing consultants and other service providers that help small businesses with their online presence called Google Engage for Agencies.

The Google Engage program offers web service providers the training and tools to help them expand and grow their search engine marketing business.

Google Engage members get the following benefits:

  • 20 x $100 AdWords coupons for new customer accounts
  • Professional tools to market SEM services
  • Trainings to enhance AdWords skills

By enhancing their online skill set and knowledge of Google products, search engine marketing professionals will become more attractive to potential clients.

According to Google:

Google Engage has already helped thousands of businesses and individuals around the world establish great business opportunities.

“The program has helped grow our AdWords Managed Customer Account (MCC) to 16 times the size it was prior to us joining the program.”
– Founder, WEBSEM (Israel)

Google Engage

Google Engage

I have joined the Google Engage for Agencies program and look forward to receiving the benefits outlined by Google above.

Google AdWords Agent

Google AdWords Agent


The Power of How to Videos

June 25, 2010

To my surprise, a video I shot in my backyard and uploaded to YouTube showing how to move a storage shed has produced the highest number of views of any video I have uploaded to my YouTube account.

The video has received 21,876 views since May 2008.

The Power of How To Videos

The Power of How To Videos

During the last two week period, 31.5% of the video’s views were originated by a Google search for “how to move a storage shed’.

No surprise there – my video is the first link found under the search for “how to move a storage shed” in Google.

How to Move A Storage Shed Google

How to Move A Storage Shed Google

Related videos however provided 33.5% of the video’s views.

YouTube Discovery

YouTube Discovery

A look at the key phrases used upstream before referral to my video reveal that not every video and its content’s description were either what the audience had described or had expected to find.

YouTube Discover Referals

YouTube Discover Referals

My selection of the video’s title and description was the result of having spent years studying searcher behavior.

Google’s locating my video atop their search results for “how to move a storage shed” illustrates the importance of knowing how to reach the Google audience with terms both Google and their audience prefer.

Ad Sitelinks Available For Any Google Adwords Campaign

June 24, 2010

From the Inside Adwords blog:

Back in November we launched Ad Sitelinks to help you get even better results from your top performing ads. Since then, we’ve seen advertisers experience huge gains with Ad Sitelinks, boosting their clickthrough rates on average by more than 30%. Today, we’re introducing a new one-line format that allows you to get the benefits of Ad Sitelinks for even more of your campaigns, including your more generic, unbranded campaigns.

What’s more, we’re also enabling the option to set up Ad Sitelinks for any campaign. This means that you don’t have to wait for your campaigns to pre-qualify before you can set up Ad Sitelinks.

When a user’s query matches a keyword in your Ad Sitelinks-enabled campaign, Google will automatically determine if your ad qualifies to show Ad Sitelinks and whether to show the two-line or the one-line format based on the quality of that ad. Ads that currently qualify for the two-line format will not be affected by the addition of the new one-line format.

You should keep in mind that Ad Sitelinks is a campaign-level extension, so the links you create should be relevant to any ad in that campaign.

You’ll find the option to set up Ad Sitelinks in your Campaign Settings tab. It will appear as “Show additional links to my site” under the “Ad extensions” section.

I haven’t yet tested Ad Sitelinks in any of my Google Adwords campaigns – have you?

Twitter Branding Failure: Bailing On The Fail Whale

June 23, 2010

Lately, Twitter the “service” has been having some reliability issues with its website loading consistently along with overall up-time availability whether through the web or phone.

Today when I opened my Google Chrome browser I noticed the following Twitter link association no brand by definition would ever want to be associated with.

Branded Failure

Branded Failure

Twitter/Over capacity!

If you will notice, the three other web brands above Twitter don’t have derogatory terms attached to their brands.

Imagine how long Google, Yahoo or Bing would remain in business if their site’s were “Over Capacity” every time a visitor tried to access their pages.

Not for long. They would be ran out of business by those businesses that could deliver their service consistently!

Yet Twitter users continue to endure the outages.

But for how long?

What business can consistently not deliver its primary product and still stay in business?

How many times have you logged into Twitter or attempted to Tweet from your phone only to be greeted by the infamous fail whale?

Twitter Fail Whale

Twitter Fail Whale

Its been said word of mouth is caused by either above or sub-par experiences with a company or its brand.

Well I am so sick and tired of logging into Twitter not knowing whether I can actually use it that I am writing this post about my increasingly negative experience with the Twitter brand.

My sub-par experience compelled me to write this.

I couldn’t stop it once it started either!

Brand management is predicated first on delivering the brand’s promise to its customers.

Twitter is failing to do the only thing they have promised to do – deliver Tweets!

Thus, I am bailing on the Fail Whale.

The fact that sub par experiences with Twitter have its own nomenclature doesn’t bode well for the brand long term either does it?

A Google search for Fail Whale produces a slew of continuous new results around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Real Time Search Fail Whale

Real Time Search Fail Whale

The fact that each and every one of Twitter’s users elect to pay their attention to and invest their precious time in Twitter’s service only to be shortchanged by its reliability apparently hasn’t yet caught the full attention of Twitter’s management team or its investors.

It it had, myself and the countless others complaining about the fail whale wouldn’t be Tweeting or blogging about how they are fed up with Twitter.

Will Twitter one day find itself subjected to a “Stop Wasting My Time and Energy Twitter” crowd campaign like the recent Facebook privacy fiasco?

I don’t know.

Whether that day and the “Stop Wasting My Time and Energy Twitter” crowd movement begins or not, I am beginning my own personal Twending campaign now.

Friends of Friends: What Are They Worth On Social Networks?

June 22, 2010

A client is considering a social marketing campaign to increase their friend count on Facebook by offering existing “friends” and “fans” a prize to the person who refers the most new friends.

My questions regarding this type of social marketing plan are as follows:

1. What are friends of friends worth on social networks – now or later – something or nothing?

2. Do friends of friends have potential value to the business vis-a-vis direct future sales or not?

3. If so,  how do you know?

4. Or does the addition of friends of friends in the friend or fan network in and of itself – whether now or later – produce value to the business and its brand?

5. If so, how is the “value” to the business calculated?

While there are obvious reasons for being widely known, at some point adding friends of friends via social networks must surely yield produce diminished returns.

Your Brain On Google Adwords

June 21, 2010

I have been working on getting my arms around all of Google Adwords key attributes and so far all I’ve got to show for it is this mind map.

Your Brain On Google Adwords

Your Brain On Google Adwords

Google Father’s Day 2010 Doodle

June 20, 2010

Google has replaced its traditional logo with Neckties and Bow Ties to honor Father’s Day 2010.

Google Father's Day 2010 Doodle

Google Father's Day 2010 Doodle

Since it was almost 100 degrees here today and I spent the better part of the day in the lake, my visit to the Google home page was a close as I came to seeing either type of tie.

Adwords Editor Phasing Out Support For Local Business Ads

June 19, 2010

Google Adwords Editor will no longer support Local Business Ads in future releases.

Instead, Adwords Editor will support Location Extensions.

More about the transition from Google:

AdWords Editor Location Extensions

AdWords Editor Location Extensions

Adwords Certification Status

June 18, 2010

Why doesn’t online advertising spend alone qualify an individual or company for Adwords certification?

Adwords Certification Status

Adwords Certification Status

Businesses as a rule won’t spend money on search advertising that doesn’t produce results.

Individuals and the companies they work for who produce results online through Google’s search advertising products are by definition qualified.

Google Commerce Search 2.0

June 17, 2010

In this video learn about the new features in Google Commerce Search 2.0, including additional merchandising controls for retailers and an improved online search experience for shoppers.

Google Commerce Search, initially launched just seven months ago, is an enterprise-grade website search solution hosted in Google’s cloud and designed for specific retail needs like parametric sorting and fast search result loading.

In this second release of Google Commerce Search 2.0 find:

  • More merchant customization: Today we’re launching a full merchandising dashboard, giving merchants more control over promotions, ranking rules and filtering – with no custom code so marketers and product merchandisers can do all of this themselves. New intuitive retailer controls like time-based promotions, full left-hand panel facet control and simple product ranking rules mean seasonal optimization on the fly.
  • Unparalleled shopper experience: With query autocompletion, retailers can offer common queries to shoppers in real time, as they type, without any custom coding. Search quality improvements make GCS faster and more relevant than before. Because it’s hosted in the Google cloud, search results are returned to shoppers in less than a second. Spelling and stemming dictionaries and new custom synonyms mean that shopping on a retail site can be as easy and accurate as searching on
  • Better browsing and navigation: Though more and more shoppers are turning directly to the search bar on retail sites when they’re looking to make a purchase, some people will always prefer to navigate through different categories and discover new products. Now, Google Commerce Search allows visitors to shop by browsing around your site as well as searching directly for products.