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Google Engage: Sign Up As A Google AdWords Agent

January 31, 2011

Google has established a resource center for search engine marketing (SEM) professionals, marketing consultants and other service providers that help small businesses with their online presence called Google Engage for Agencies.

The Google Engage program offers web service providers the training and tools to help them expand and grow their search engine marketing business.

Google Engage members get the following benefits:

  • 20 x $100 AdWords coupons for new customer accounts
  • Professional tools to market SEM services
  • Trainings to enhance AdWords skills

By enhancing their online skill set and knowledge of Google products, search engine marketing professionals will become more attractive to potential clients.

According to Google:

Google Engage has already helped thousands of businesses and individuals around the world establish great business opportunities.

“The program has helped grow our AdWords Managed Customer Account (MCC) to 16 times the size it was prior to us joining the program.”
– Founder, WEBSEM (Israel)

Google Engage

Google Engage

I have joined the Google Engage for Agencies program and look forward to receiving the benefits outlined by Google above.

Google AdWords Agent

Google AdWords Agent


How To See A List of All The Pictures Within A Website

July 10, 2010

Wonder what images are within a website?

Today I was searching within Google to see how many pages of this site were available within their index compared to how many were showing in my Google Webmaster Tools account. shows 783 pages within this site while my Webmaster Tools account shows 684 pages.

However, my WordPress account shows I have written and published 854 pages on this site.

Google Site Search

Google Site Search

After I left the Google search, I inadvertently ran a search for in Google Images.

To my surprise, Google Image search then produced the following list of 584 images within

Site Image Search

Site Image Search

Turns out the Google site operator also works within all of their properties for any site – even Google Maps.

There is only one result within Google Maps for but its pretty cool – The Washington Monument.

I gave a search engine marketing presentation in Washington D.C. a while back and seeing the Washington Monument image brings back fond memories.

Site Operator Google Maps

Site Operator Google Maps

To find out how many pages Google has indexed from your website go to Google and search

Marketing Budget Changes: Where’s Social Media’s ROI?

March 13, 2010

More from eMarketer about Marketing Budget allocation shifts:

…even though marketers are on board with the idea that social is key to their overall strategy, many are sick of hearing about it. In addition to being one of the most important buzzwords, social media was considered the most annoying, with nearly 30% of executives tired of it. Twitter, specifically, got on the nerves of nearly 15% of respondents, and social networking rounded out the top three trends marketers were most tired of hearing about.

Regardless, social spending will increase. A separate survey of US marketing execs by Ad-ology indicated social tactics were the most likely to increase in 2010.

Marketing Budgets

Marketing Budgets

Surely executives growing tired of hearing about social media, social networking and the Twitter brand specifically doesn’t bode well for the nascent space or the Twitter brand’s monetization potential.

How can social media reconcile itself with the fact that marketing executives’ chief concern is Marketing ROI while social media and social networking have yet been able to deliver consistent measurable ROI to marketers?

I wonder how many executives have grown tired of hearing about Google and search engine marketing results?

Google Social Circle Search Results Examples

October 30, 2009

Today while logged into one of my Google accounts, I was searching for a keyword phrase and noticed my own blog (gleaned from another Google account) appearing in the search results.

Google Social Circle Search Results

Google Social Circle Search Results

I then ran several other searches for subjects I had written about recently.

Although I couldn’t find any more of my own posts, I was able to find results for Barry Schwartz’s Twitter account from within a search page as well.

Google Social Search Results Twitter Bing

Google Social Search Results Twitter Bing

Each search result from within a Google Social Circle experiment begins with the link: “Results from people within your social circle for…” and is preceded by a nondescript silhouette.

Each of my Google account’s have avatars available, so I am not sure why silhouettes are generated in lieu of avatars.

It remains to be seen whether this Google trial will be adopted much further than beyond the borders of the search engine marketing community.

The Google social circle search product reminds to some degree of the previous Google product: “subscribed links”.

Although they take different approaches to providing Google search account holders trusted content, I believe both provide the same outcome – results links embedded within search pages from known and thus trusted sources.

Newspaper Enters Local Business Center Market

August 16, 2009

Today I saw an ad in my local newspaper for a new product they have launched called the Business Resource Center.

Business Resource Center

Business Resource Center

The new service appears similar to Google’s Local Business Center and looks like it provides all of the same features found in the Local Business Center.

The Business Resource Center touts the benefits of having a small business found under local searches and states:

Anything that you’d traditionally look for in the print yellow pages has become a “local search” on the Internet. For these queries, 75 percent of the top 100 keywords are non-branded, indicating that a majority of consumers have not decided on a specific brick and mortar store to do business with.

Local Search Business

Local Search Business

The site claims  “to stay on top of the internet so you don’t have to” and plans to provide the latest in local search, social networking, search engine marketing and social media optimization to its advertisers.

Local Business Resource Center

Local Business Resource Center

The newspaper’s local business resource center will provide advertisers with statistics like Google’s Local Business Center has begun providing in the US.

Local Business Resource Center Statistics

Local Business Resource Center Statistics

Like Google, the paper’s local Business Resource Center also lets advertisers “create and manage coupons and special offers to drive traffic and build customer loyalty”.

Local Business Center Coupons

Local Business Center Coupons

Similar to other directory and listing services, the newspaper’s business resource center alerts advertisers immediately when individuals rate or review their services, and allows them to reply directly to concerns or praise, giving businesses the ability to create stronger relationships with their customers.

Local Business Center Communications

Local Business Center Communications

The Beta version of their User Interface is clean and user friendly.

The site offers what appears to be primarily display advertising under keyword or category searches and claims to provide the largest local search audience reach.

Overall the newspaper’s launch of a Local Business Center is quite an accomplishment for any newspaper in this day and age.

Google Alerts Now Tracking Twitter Posts?

May 22, 2009

Google Web Alerts appears to now be reporting Twitter posts via its Google Alerts product.

Twitter Google Web Alert

Twitter Google Web Alert

I received the Google Alert above today for data gathered yesterday May 21, 2009.

This is the first Google Alert I have seen which included Twitter posts within Google Web Alerts.

What implications will this have on Search Engine Results Pages for search engine marketers and search engine optimizers – if any? Research and Purchase Online, Pickup Offline

May 6, 2009

I read with interest yesterday a story in the Wall Street Journal about Sears Holdings Corporations annual shareholder meeting.

Chairman Edward S. Lampert Chairman said that while he expects most Sears sales to continue to occur in brick and mortar stores, he would increase investment in internet experiments.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Lampert’s goal is to capture the attention of shoppers at the crucial moment when they begin to discuss purchases with friends on social-media web sites and to research buying choices online.

Lampert said, “We want to make sure we don’t become completely irrelevant as people’s way of making decisions changes. The goal is not just survival, it’s progress.”

Toward that end, Lampert said the company may expand their concept.

MyGofer turns some stores into pickup locations for online sales while trying to bridge the gap between online sales and traditional stores.

Sears owned Kmart unit also disclosed plans to let shoppers pick up merchandise at Kmart they have bought online.

From MyGofer site:

What is mygofer?

We believe shopping should be on your terms. That’s why we’ve created a simpler, more flexible, just plain better way to shop. We believe in giving you options. Lots of them. We believe you should be able to get whatever you want, how you want and when you want it. We’re designed to give you more choices to make shopping faster and more convenient.

We want to become your ultimate one-stop destination. We carry a broader assortment than the traditional retailer – including everything from groceries to clothing to electronics to appliances. Our assortment is designed for you, giving you everything you need in one convenient spot.

mygofer will evolve based on what you buy, and what you ask for. By listening to you, we will only get better.

What can I find at mygofer?

Pretty much everything. From toothpaste to tools to t-shirts, we have 1000’s of your favorite brands, all at one location.

Imagine Saturday morning errands taking minutes instead of hours. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time.

More choices, made easy- at competitive prices a broader assortment at your fingertips.

You did not find what you were looking for? mygofer is designed to give customers more options, but also designed to make sorting and shopping through more options easy to navigate with features like shopping lists and quick shop. Our expanded assortment gives us the opportunity to showcase great products designed to meet a variety of budget ranges. Given our expanded network, we will leverage opportunities for additional savings through special discounts, clearances and short-term price adjustments.

The correlation between researching online, buying online and buying offline have long been documented and discussed by the internet and search engine marketing community.

To truly make Sears relevant to buyers who have begun researching their buying options online, Sears Holdings Corp. ought to first consider expanding the keyword terms they bid on in Google.

Bidding just on branded terms like Kenmore and Craftsman while not bidding on appliance and power tools keyword strings like their competitors do by definition makes Sears less relevant than they could be.

Once Sears and Kmart get in the search paid and natural game, they should then have someone who knows what they are doing fix and optimize their websites.’s home page title tag says – you guessed it: Home!

Sears may not own the site and business. For all I know it could be leased.

However, I am certain the new site is owned by Sears Holding Corporation.

It too, can use some attention and optimization if it hopes the online audience will find the site while researching where to buy products online.

My Gofer Search Result

My Gofer Search Result

Twitter Job Search Engine

March 21, 2009 is a UK based Twitter based job search engine.

From about their search technology:

Until now, search engines for social media sites merely looked for words. We’re looking at context.

We use semantic tools to look at what was said.

We then look at what they’ve said before.

We then look at who was saying it.

If we do this right, we can figure out why they’re saying anything at all.

Although the service is based in the UK and still in Beta, a search for “Search Engine Marketing” yielded 5,831 results.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

The same search also produced a Marketing Manager ad from for its Kindle product.

Amazon Kindle Marketing Manager

Amazon Kindle Marketing Manager

Further proof even innovative new products just don’t sell themselves.

Google Maps Street View of the White House

November 6, 2008

Washington D.C. now has Street View images available via Google Maps.

National landmarks including the Washington Monument, the Lincoln National Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and even the White House are now visible from Google Maps Street View – albeit from afar.

To see your favorite national landmark, search for the landmark or its address in Google Maps and click street view.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC

Panning the camera angle will get the image and perspective you are looking for.

The White House

The White House

National security interests prevent vehicles equipped with cameras from getting to close to the White House, so this Google Street View from several blocks away will have to do.

However, pedestrians can still have their photo taken in front of the White House.

I was able to get this up close picture of the White House when I was in Washington D.C. earlier this year to give a search engine marketing presentation.

The White House Washington D.C.

The White House Washington D.C.