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Google Social Circle Search Results Examples

October 30, 2009

Today while logged into one of my Google accounts, I was searching for a keyword phrase and noticed my own blog (gleaned from another Google account) appearing in the search results.

Google Social Circle Search Results

Google Social Circle Search Results

I then ran several other searches for subjects I had written about recently.

Although I couldn’t find any more of my own posts, I was able to find results for Barry Schwartz’s Twitter account from within a search page as well.

Google Social Search Results Twitter Bing

Google Social Search Results Twitter Bing

Each search result from within a Google Social Circle experiment begins with the link: “Results from people within your social circle for…” and is preceded by a nondescript silhouette.

Each of my Google account’s have avatars available, so I am not sure why silhouettes are generated in lieu of avatars.

It remains to be seen whether this Google trial will be adopted much further than beyond the borders of the search engine marketing community.

The Google social circle search product reminds to some degree of the previous Google product: “subscribed links”.

Although they take different approaches to providing Google search account holders trusted content, I believe both provide the same outcome – results links embedded within search pages from known and thus trusted sources.