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Marketing Budget Changes: Where’s Social Media’s ROI?

March 13, 2010

More from eMarketer about Marketing Budget allocation shifts:

…even though marketers are on board with the idea that social is key to their overall strategy, many are sick of hearing about it. In addition to being one of the most important buzzwords, social media was considered the most annoying, with nearly 30% of executives tired of it. Twitter, specifically, got on the nerves of nearly 15% of respondents, and social networking rounded out the top three trends marketers were most tired of hearing about.

Regardless, social spending will increase. A separate survey of US marketing execs by Ad-ology indicated social tactics were the most likely to increase in 2010.

Marketing Budgets

Marketing Budgets

Surely executives growing tired of hearing about social media, social networking and the Twitter brand specifically doesn’t bode well for the nascent space or the Twitter brand’s monetization potential.

How can social media reconcile itself with the fact that marketing executives’ chief concern is Marketing ROI while social media and social networking have yet been able to deliver consistent measurable ROI to marketers?

I wonder how many executives have grown tired of hearing about Google and search engine marketing results?


Marketing ROI: Getting Marketers Attention

March 12, 2010

From eMarketer:

US marketing executives were much more optimistic about the economic outlook in February 2010 than they were the year before, when the recession was in full swing, and many were planning to increase budgets, according to the “Marketing Trends Report 2010” from Anderson Analytics and the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG). But they have become even more focused on getting a good return on their marketing investments.

Anderson and MENG found that “marketing ROI” had jumped to become the most important trend to marketing executives. Social media cracked the top 10 this year, when 72% of respondents were planning a social strategy. The two concepts were also key when combined: Social media ROI was an important buzzword for 36% of executives.

Marketing ROI

Marketing ROI

If you sell to marketers, embedding Marketing ROI in your argument is guaranteed to get their attention.