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How To See A List of All The Pictures Within A Website

July 10, 2010

Wonder what images are within a website?

Today I was searching within Google to see how many pages of this site were available within their index compared to how many were showing in my Google Webmaster Tools account. shows 783 pages within this site while my Webmaster Tools account shows 684 pages.

However, my WordPress account shows I have written and published 854 pages on this site.

Google Site Search

Google Site Search

After I left the Google search, I inadvertently ran a search for in Google Images.

To my surprise, Google Image search then produced the following list of 584 images within

Site Image Search

Site Image Search

Turns out the Google site operator also works within all of their properties for any site – even Google Maps.

There is only one result within Google Maps for but its pretty cool – The Washington Monument.

I gave a search engine marketing presentation in Washington D.C. a while back and seeing the Washington Monument image brings back fond memories.

Site Operator Google Maps

Site Operator Google Maps

To find out how many pages Google has indexed from your website go to Google and search


Google Adwords Opportunities Tab: Decrease Cost

July 9, 2010

Exploring my Google Adwords Opportunities Tab, I discovered a feature I hadn’t yet seen before within the Keyword Bid Ideas field the -“Show bid ideas that: Increase traffic | Decrease cost” links.

Adwords Opportunities Decrease Cost

Adwords Opportunities Decrease Cost

I had used the increase traffic suggestions in several accounts yet hadn’t ever noticed the decrease cost option.

More about the “Increase Traffic” or “Decrease Cost” Keyword Bid Ideas:

Increase Traffic Decrease Cost

Increase Traffic Decrease Cost

These two options appear when the Opportunities Tab is set to show ideas to meet the Adwords account goal of Balancing Cost and Traffic.

Balance cost and traffic

Balance cost and traffic

Of course decreasing advertising costs will also likely lower the number of ad impressions delivered and clicks generated.

Consider decreasing advertising cost an option only if and when all other Adwords account optimization tactics have been exhausted.

July 8, 2010

Is the domain producing a outsized share of referrals in your Google Managed or Automatic Placements Display Network campaigns?

If so, the following explanation from Google may shed some light as to how and why.

If you are targeting both the Google Display Network and have iPhone / Smartphone devices enabled in a campaign, your ads are eligible to be shown in mobile carriers downloaded apps.

While ad placements are above the fold and target an engaged audience, I don’t yet have enough measurable data confirming the performance of this type of audience advertising targeting.

Anonymous.Google Display Network Placements

July 7, 2010

I was reviewing the Automatic Placements section of one of my Google Adwords Display Network campaigns and found the largest source of impressions came from

With nearly eight times more impressions than the New York Times, is quite the page turner.

More about Anonymous Placements from Google:

Some publishers choose to offer placements anonymously and not disclose their site names to advertisers. Rest assured that you’ll still have access to reporting details on anonymous placements. All placements, including anonymous placements, are required to adhere to Google Adsense Program Policies.

Its been a while since I last studied my Google Content Network placements – now the Google Display Network – but I bet if I were to run some reports on the sources of this traffic, I would find that most if not all of those impressions came from parked domains.

Update: To locate the source of traffic find and click “Exclusions”, campaign level then Add exclusions Exclude category tab to see a top level breakdown of Google Display Network traffic sources by category.

World’s Most Valuable Domain For Sale

July 6, 2010 is for sale.

The press release from

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 1, 2010 – Sedo, the leading online domain marketplace and broker of super premium domain names, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Escom, LLC to privately broker the sale of, widely considered to be the world’s most valuable domain name, as well as two related trademark registrations with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

“We are excited to be working with Sedo and believe Sedo’s vast experience, expertise with high value domain names, credibility and worldwide network of clients will ensure that Escom receives a price for the domain name and its related trademarks that reflects its true value as the best domain name in the world” said Del Anthony, CEO of Escom.

“It is an extremely rare opportunity that a domain name of this caliber becomes available for sale”, said Kathy Nielsen, Director of Sales at Sedo. “We are very pleased to be chosen as the exclusive brokerage firm to represent this domain sale. Short, descriptive domains are an amazing marketing vehicle. The sale of presents potential buyers with a once in a lifetime opportunity. The possibilities for this domain are endless and will enable the new owner to instantly define itself as a leader in its industry.”

Descriptive domains that define a category historically have been the most valuable properties on the Web. ‘Sex’ continues to be one of the most searched for terms on the Web and its mainstream appeal has grown exponentially over the past few years. The new owner of this domain will enjoy a clear competitive advantage as a market leader, dramatically enhanced organic search rankings, tremendous traffic generated from direct navigation and an unsurpassed ability to drive online marketing and branding initiatives.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the domain industry or its history, the domain has had quite a ride.

Whether the domain will find a buyer at or above its last sales price – $14 million US –  remains to be seen.

Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries Visualized

July 5, 2010

I had problems authenticating Google Webmaster Tools several months ago and stopped checking the five sites I had them installed on.

I accidentally figured out how to solve my authentication problem and got them back online today.

Since my last log in, Google Webmaster Tools has added a search queries visualization tool to help webmasters see how many times their pages (Queries) appear within search results (Impressions).

The tool data also shows how many clicks a site received on a percentage basis relative to the total number of impressions it and the other sites on the same page received for the same query.

Sample Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries

Sample Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries

The Click Through Rate and Average Position data for each query can also help webmasters better understand both their audience and Google’s ranking demands.

One of my pages has received a 35% CTR within the last 30 days while another received a 26% CTR.

The 35% CTR page had only 46 Impressions and 16 clicks while the 26% CTR page had 1000 Impressions and 260 clicks.

Both queries were three word phrases describing the same product yet the latter produced over 15 times more traffic.

If those two differences in results don’t illustrate the importance and rewards for understanding search audience demand, I don’t know what does.

Google Web Analytics TV Episode #10

July 4, 2010

In this video, Google Analytics experts Avinash Kaushik & Nick Mihailovski answer questions about Analytics and other Google tools.

Topics covered include macro vs. micro conversions, using analytics on affiliate sites, tracking different domains, and more.

My First Audio Post Via Smartphone

July 3, 2010

My First Handwritten Blog Post

July 2, 2010

Thanks to my daughter, I have figured out how to take handwritten notes and transcribe them into digital content.

My first piece of digital art – the cursor.

Digital Art The Cursor

Digital Art The Cursor

We may live in a digital world, but creativity will always be analog.

Example of a WAP Mobile Ad In Google Adwords

July 1, 2010

Curious about how to create a Google Adwords WAP Mobile Ad or what a Google WAP Mobile ad looks like?

The following ad creation template shows what fields are available as well as what a finished WAP Mobile Ad will look like on small mobile devices.

Mobile Ads WAP Google

Mobile Ads WAP Google

If you thought composing Google Adwords text ads for the search or display network was tough, wait until you take a crack at writing an ad for a WAP mobile device.

Writing a WAP mobile ad requires twice the creativity.


The headline, description, display url and business name fields maximum characters allowed for getting your message across on WAP Mobile devices are roughly half those available for use in creating traditional Google Adwords ads.