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Anonymous.Google Display Network Placements

July 7, 2010

I was reviewing the Automatic Placements section of one of my Google Adwords Display Network campaigns and found the largest source of impressions came from

With nearly eight times more impressions than the New York Times, is quite the page turner.

More about Anonymous Placements from Google:

Some publishers choose to offer placements anonymously and not disclose their site names to advertisers. Rest assured that you’ll still have access to reporting details on anonymous placements. All placements, including anonymous placements, are required to adhere to Google Adsense Program Policies.

Its been a while since I last studied my Google Content Network placements – now the Google Display Network – but I bet if I were to run some reports on the sources of this traffic, I would find that most if not all of those impressions came from parked domains.

Update: To locate the source of traffic find and click “Exclusions”, campaign level then Add exclusions Exclude category tab to see a top level breakdown of Google Display Network traffic sources by category.