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The Search Audience

December 12, 2010

What is the search audience?

Search Audience

Search Audience

What is wrong with this picture?


Answer: Logical Refutiation By Proving The Opposite

December 2, 2010

Question: Why has it taken so long to finish my book?



Highlights From The Google Think Real Estate Event

October 24, 2010

Google recently hosted its Think Real Estate Event in New York.

From the Google Think Real Estate invitation:

Opportunities are arising to reach consumers using more efficient marketing tactics, connecting with audiences by leveraging new media platforms, and establishing new relationships with innovative solutions to drive your business forward.

Watch the following video to learn more from Google about the next trends in local and mobile search.

Google AdWords Certified Partner Status Achieved

October 21, 2010

Happily today I received the following email from the Google Certified Partner team:

Google AdWords Certified Partner Status Achieved

Google AdWords Certified Partner Status Achieved

I was one of the first people to achieve the Adwords Qualified Individual status shortly after the Google Adwords certification program was launched in 2005.

Adwords Qualified Individual

Adwords Qualified Individual

When the program first came out, there weren’t any ongoing testing and certification requirements.

AdWords has changed a lot since 2005 let alone since March 5, 2002 when I opened my first Adwords account!

For example, I don’t think Google had even initiated advertising on the “Content Network” now known as the Google Display Network when I was first certified in 2005.

I am glad to have once again achieved Google AdWords Certified Partner Status.

Google Webmaster Tools: Top 20 Site Keywords

October 8, 2010

If you haven’t installed Google Webmaster Tools on your site, I highly recommend doing so.

Combined together – data from Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google Adwords, provide actionable insight from three different and valuable perspectives.

After posting here for over 730 days in a row, I have decided to take a moment and reflect on what kind of traffic and results my site has produced during that time period.

Overall, I am happy with both my content product and the results it has produced.

However, going forward I want to apply all of the  insight and knowledge I have gained from having remained on task.

Since I didn’t start out with an editorial calender let alone a content plan when I began blogging , I thought I would use the Google Webmaster’s Tool Top 20 Site Keywords data to see what it is exactly I have been writing about for the last several years. I have a general idea, but Google’s data has specific ideas about the nature of my site.

Fortunately, the Top 20 Site Keywords tool reveals a theme consistent with my consulting practice focus vis-a-vis the keywords most often found and thus associated with this site.

Here are the top 20 keywords associated with the Search Marketing Communications domain and blog –


Top 20 Site Keywords

Top 20 Site Keywords


Granted, without a formalized content plan  – the subject matter found within this blog could be considered wide and not necessarily focused.

Going forward, I plan to continue writing about the above subjects while also covering some of the following topics not in any particular order –

Ad Agency Training





Assist keywords






Crowd source

Crowd words


Direct Marketing

Direct Response









Google Places

Image Ads


Last click

Listening Campaign


Location Extensions







Real time search



Rich Media



Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Funnels


Share of spend

Share of Voice

Social Search


Word of Mouth

Next, I will generate a mind map of this blog’s editorial focus going forward.

This is a work in progress…

Audio Post

October 2, 2010


August 24, 2010

Seeing if I can post from my iPad without having to download additional apps….

I can type a post but not add images.

Back To Business

July 27, 2010

After nearly two weeks on the road, I will be back in my office tomorrow.

After a great deal of reflection, I have decided to take a different course than the one I have been on for the last ten years.

Audio Post

July 26, 2010