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Answer: Logical Refutiation By Proving The Opposite

December 2, 2010

Question: Why has it taken so long to finish my book?




Why It Has Taken Me So Long To Write For Sale By Google?

September 9, 2010

I didn’t have a succinct answer to the question posed above until I saw the poster below hanging on my son’s sixth grade science classroom wall last night.

The Scientific Method!

For Sale By Google and The Scientific Method

For Sale By Google and The Scientific Method

While proving my book’s hypothesis scientifically has accounted for more than half the time it has taken me to write it, the remainder can be attributed to indecision about the optimum audience target and and my obsession with extending the book’s shelf life before completing it.

These three hurdles were challenges I didn’t know I would encounter during the book writing process.

None were easily overcome either.

However, I have addressed and solved each of these problems to my satisfaction now.