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July 24, 2010

Audio Post

July 19, 2010

Bing iPhone Ads On Google

December 31, 2009
Bing iPhone

Bing iPhone Ads on Google

Bing iPhone Ad

Bing iPhone Ad


Halloween Search Insights 2009

October 31, 2009

Using Google Insights for search tool is excellent way to visualize search behavior over time particularly the cyclicality of seasonal shopping.

For instance as expected, interest in Halloween is virtually non-existent during the majority of the year and then begins to gradually increase as Halloween approaches.

Halloween Web Search Interest

Halloween Web Search Interest

The commercialization of Halloween is reflected through regional search interest in the subject with the United States and Canada generating a disproportionate amount of search queries as compared to other countries.

Regional Search Interest

Regional Search Interest

Halloween costumes and parties searches illustrate the commercial nature of Halloween while also signaling purchase intent.

Halloween Search Terms

Halloween Search Terms

Businesses of all types and sizes can use Google Insights for search to investigate and identify what if any seasonal shopping trends may exist within their markets.

Interactive Marketing Spend Annual Growth Rates

July 27, 2009

Forrester Interactive Advertising Models predicts compound annual growth rates for Interactive Marketing spend in the US through 2014.

Interactive Media Spend

Interactive Media Spend

Forrester classifies Mobile Marketing, Social media, Email marketing, Display advertising and Search Marketing as Interactive Marketing.

Interestingly – combined all other forms of Interactive Marketing spend remains half of what is spent on Search Marketing annually both in the present and future.

If the other forms of Interactive Marketing were more effective than Search Marketing, it would seem their spend would exceed the investment made in search by marketers.

Don’t Forrester’s spend predictions confirm all other forms of Interactive Marketing are less effective than Search?

Google Marketing Research Study: The Brand Value of Search

May 10, 2009

Google commissioned OTX, an independent marketing research company, to conduct research to better understand the impact of search impressions on travel brands, specifically the Air, Hotel, Car Rental, Cruise and OTA Travel Categories.

The primary objectives of the OTX project were to determine:

1). Whether or not a search ad can impact key branding metrics.

2). Whether or not a search result’s placement matters.

The study was conducted in an online controlled “laboratory” format that mimicked a real search experience. Subjects were exposed to 1 of 12 search engine results pages (SERP) each of which showed the same search results  and differed only where the test brand’s ad or organic listing appeared.

The results of Google’s Brand Value of Search study are available on YouTube.

Central Intelligence Agency Ads on YouTube

March 12, 2009

The Central Intelligence Agency is recruiting via Sponsored Videos on YouTube.

Central Intelligence Agency Sponsored Videos

Central Intelligence Agency Sponsored Videos

I wonder who manages the search marketing campaigns for the CIA?

Does the Central Intelligence Agency manage their search marketing communications process in house or do they outsource their search marketing to a search marketing agency?

I didn’t discover the CIA video under a search for the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA. I stumbled onto their video under an entirely unrelated education industry keyword.

The CIA or their search marketing agency don’t appear to be marketing their recruitment program under CIA or Central Intelligence Agency keywords in YouTube.

Central Intelligence Agency

Central Intelligence Agency

Nor do they appear to bidding for the CIA or Central Intelligence Agency terms in Google search either.

Central Intelligence Agency Google Results

Central Intelligence Agency Google Results

Double Click is serving the Central Intelligence Agency’s Youtube Sponsored Video ads.

Double Click is owned by Google.

If you have an interest in pursuing a career with the CIA click here for more information.

Yahoo! Search Marketing Console?

September 17, 2008

I was cleaning up some Yahoo Search Marketing accounts this morning and was trying to find Yahoo’s Search Submit login page.

In the past, keeping track of all their search product offerings was difficult.

Yahoo has consolidated all of their search marketing products into a drop down box on their Sponsored Search login page.

The Yahoo Search Marketing login page shows 13 different search marketing product categories:

1. Sponsored Search

2. Local Sponsored Search

3. Mobile Sponsored Search

4. Search Submit Pro

5. Search Submit Express

6. Search Submit Basic

7. Marketing Console

8. Search Optimizer

9. Product Submit

10. Travel Submit

11. Local Listings

12. Directory Submit

13. Small Business

Yahoo Marketing Console

Yahoo Marketing Console

I thought I would get reacquainted with Yahoo search marketing products so I clicked on their “Marketing Console” thinking this would somehow let me manage all of my Yahoo search marketing products in one dashboard.

Not today.

Yahoo Marketing Console 404 Not Found

Yahoo Marketing Console 404 Not Found

When I clicked on the Yahoo search marketing console I was sent to a non-existent page.

I then searched for the Yahoo search marketing console – in Yahoo – and was directed back to their sponsored search login page.

Did Yahoo have a search marketing console for managing all of their search products and I just wasn’t able to locate it?

Or, did Yahoo have a marketing console they have since abandoned?

Audience Literacy Drives Major Newspaper Website Traffic

April 15, 2008

New visitor data from the major US newspaper publishers suggests their home market population density and overall audience literacy contribute significantly to their website traffic.

The larger their home market area and the more educated their audience, the more likely their web property will flourish.

The following are the top thirty newspapers online visitor traffic counts according to Nielsen.

  1. — 17,177
  2. — 9,939
  3. — 8,478
  4. Newsday — 6,450
  5. Wall Street Journal Online — 5,409
  6. LA Times — 4,607
  7. — 4,364
  8. Chicago Tribune — 3,891
  9. Daily News Online Edition — 2,956
  10. New York Post — 2,851
  11. Francisco Chronicle — 2,785
  12. — 2,300
  13. International Herald Tribune — 2,250
  14. Village Voice Media — 2,224
  15. Chicago Sun-Times — 2,186
  16. Atlanta Journal-Constitution — 1,974
  17. The Houston Chronicle — 1,946
  18. The Seattle Times — 1,840
  19. – The Dallas Morning News — 1,828
  20. Seattle Post-Intelligencer — 1,785
  21. The Politico — 1,672
  22. Orlando Sentinel — 1,522
  23. — 1,455
  24. — 1,435
  25. Baltimore Sun — 1,332
  26. — 1,315
  27. The Detroit News — 1,256
  28. The San Diego Union-Tribune — 1,180
  29. Detroit Free Press — 1,168
  30. The Washington Times — 1,161

Source: Nielsen (1/08); traffic in thousands

The sitting atop the nations’ largest media market and with arguably the most educated audience in America, generates nearly ten times its paid off line circulation online.’s off line circulation doesn’t appear to enjoy the same size online multiplier as the and do. Drawing its circulation from subscribers dissatisfied with their home market paper doesn’t necessarily translate into larger online readership.

The Washington Times with nearly ten times its off line circulation visiting its web property online confirms literate and dense populations contribute to each newspapers online audience and advertising potential.

YouTube Launches Living Legends: The Rolling Stones

April 4, 2008

YouTube has launched the first of what appears to be the beginning in a series of interactive Q&A forums for the YouTuberati called Living Legends.

What better way to heighten their product’s awareness while bringing attention to the scale and reach of YouTube?

What other video platform can distribute brand messaging globally as quickly and effectively?

And what better way to kick things off than other than through a joint venture with the world’s greatest Rock N’ Roll Brand: The Rolling Stones?

The Rolling Stones