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Stephen Colbert Blog Corps?

September 22, 2008

The other day I became acquainted with a new type of “blog compilation” site called because it kept showing up in my WordPress logs for a post I wrote about Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert and Bob Saget.

From Boxxet’s About Us page:

“Boxxet (pronounced “box set”) brings together the “best of” news, blogs, videos, photos, gear and much more on your favorite subjects. For the things you care about (teams, hobbies, interests, schools, towns, etc), Boxxet’s unique combination of computer automation and community participation produces the most diverse and complete best-of compilations.”

After seeing the referrals from Boxxet, I went to their site where I learned the post I had written about Stephen Colbert had placed this lowly blog 9th on their top Stephen Colbert bloggers list.

Stephen Colbert Bloggers

Stephen Colbert Bloggers

I hadn’t thought about the Stephen Colbert blog corps much since then, but began to notice more Colbert search referrals coming in over the weekend and thought I would see where my blog stood now in the Colbert blogger corps.

Voila! This blog is now the fifth most popular Colbert blog at Boxxet.

Take that Blog Numbers 6, 7 and 8!

Stephen Colbert Bloggers Boxxet

Stephen Colbert Bloggers Boxxet

To keep my newly discovered Stephen Colbert blog corps fires burning. here is the most recently known Colbert Quip from last night’s Emmy Awards found via the and their new “Political Browser” News section:

Political Browser Stephen Colbert Quip

Political Browser Stephen Colbert Quip


Audience Literacy Drives Major Newspaper Website Traffic

April 15, 2008

New visitor data from the major US newspaper publishers suggests their home market population density and overall audience literacy contribute significantly to their website traffic.

The larger their home market area and the more educated their audience, the more likely their web property will flourish.

The following are the top thirty newspapers online visitor traffic counts according to Nielsen.

  1. — 17,177
  2. — 9,939
  3. — 8,478
  4. Newsday — 6,450
  5. Wall Street Journal Online — 5,409
  6. LA Times — 4,607
  7. — 4,364
  8. Chicago Tribune — 3,891
  9. Daily News Online Edition — 2,956
  10. New York Post — 2,851
  11. Francisco Chronicle — 2,785
  12. — 2,300
  13. International Herald Tribune — 2,250
  14. Village Voice Media — 2,224
  15. Chicago Sun-Times — 2,186
  16. Atlanta Journal-Constitution — 1,974
  17. The Houston Chronicle — 1,946
  18. The Seattle Times — 1,840
  19. – The Dallas Morning News — 1,828
  20. Seattle Post-Intelligencer — 1,785
  21. The Politico — 1,672
  22. Orlando Sentinel — 1,522
  23. — 1,455
  24. — 1,435
  25. Baltimore Sun — 1,332
  26. — 1,315
  27. The Detroit News — 1,256
  28. The San Diego Union-Tribune — 1,180
  29. Detroit Free Press — 1,168
  30. The Washington Times — 1,161

Source: Nielsen (1/08); traffic in thousands

The sitting atop the nations’ largest media market and with arguably the most educated audience in America, generates nearly ten times its paid off line circulation online.’s off line circulation doesn’t appear to enjoy the same size online multiplier as the and do. Drawing its circulation from subscribers dissatisfied with their home market paper doesn’t necessarily translate into larger online readership.

The Washington Times with nearly ten times its off line circulation visiting its web property online confirms literate and dense populations contribute to each newspapers online audience and advertising potential.