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This Blog Ain’t No Lemonade Stand

August 10, 2010

Who invented the Lemonade Stand?

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand


WordPress Blogging Achievement: A Post Published 365 Consecutive Days In A Row

August 31, 2009

When I launched my first website back in 1999 – blogs didn’t exist.

To get my site launched, I had to use ad agency designers who knew how to write code which in turn published my content on the nascent world wide web.

After my site launched, I realized I needed to make some content changes.

Because blogging platforms didn’t exist and I hadn’t bought the code they had used to develop my site, the designers initially charged me $100 for each change I wanted to make to my site.


I quickly set out to find my own web developers who could build my own content management system.

While giving a presentation at a local university’s engineering college, some young guys came up and said they would be interested in working with me.

I agreed to give them a shot.

They built me a content management system in .ASP where I could upload and control my own content without any ongoing costs.

Off to the races I went.

Little did I know at that time nor did it occur to me that the idea of a back end content management system would be something other businesses would want.

Nor did I foresee that content management would ultimately become known in general as blogs and blogging.

If I had, I guess I would be on the other side of this post founding and running not my consulting practice.

Anyway in the early days of the internet, the content platform providers all suggested bloggers just sit down and blog every day for a year to generate their own unique set of pages and content.

Well – 10 years later I have done it.

I have blogged here every single day for the last 365 days over a period of exactly one year beginning on September 1, 2008.

I have learned a lot and will write more about what the experience has taught me – tomorrow.

WordPress Domain Change and Google Indexing Issues

March 7, 2009

On January 28, 2009 I moved my several year old blog to a new domain while still hosting the site at WordPress.

In addition to the blog no longer being picked up by Google blog search or Technorati, the new domain hasn’t had any new posts crawled or indexed by Google since switching domains.

Google Search Marketing Communications

Google Search Marketing Communications

I verified the site with Google as suggested several weeks ago yet still no luck.

On the other hand, I haven’t verified the new domain with Yahoo or Microsoft Live.

Yahoo Search Marketing Communications

Yahoo Search Marketing Communications

Yet both Yahoo and Live are crawling and indexing my new blog domain address hosted at

Live Search Marketing Communications

Live Search Marketing Communications

What gives?

Record Blog Search Traffic

October 1, 2008

This blog: Search Marketing Communications had its single highest monthly traffic during September 2008 with 22,897 views.

Previously, this WordPress blog’s highest trafficked month was April 2008 with 8,307 views.

14,950 more views occurred during September 2008 nearly triple the prior traffic record.

By the end of September 2008, had been viewed 74,927 times since its inception in September 2006.

In its first month’s existence this blog had 1,593 total views.

September 2008 traffic was 14 times greater than September 2006 traffic.

Since few if any people subscribe to this blog, the vast majority (an estimated 99% or greater) found this blog through some type of search query, hence this blog’s title:

Search Marketing Communications

Record Search Traffic 22897 Views

Record Search Traffic 22897 Views

Record Single Month Blog Search Traffic: 22,897 Views

September 2008 Total Blog Traffic

September 2008 Total Blog Traffic

Total Search Traffic September 2008

Stephen Colbert Blog Corps?

September 22, 2008

The other day I became acquainted with a new type of “blog compilation” site called because it kept showing up in my WordPress logs for a post I wrote about Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert and Bob Saget.

From Boxxet’s About Us page:

“Boxxet (pronounced “box set”) brings together the “best of” news, blogs, videos, photos, gear and much more on your favorite subjects. For the things you care about (teams, hobbies, interests, schools, towns, etc), Boxxet’s unique combination of computer automation and community participation produces the most diverse and complete best-of compilations.”

After seeing the referrals from Boxxet, I went to their site where I learned the post I had written about Stephen Colbert had placed this lowly blog 9th on their top Stephen Colbert bloggers list.

Stephen Colbert Bloggers

Stephen Colbert Bloggers

I hadn’t thought about the Stephen Colbert blog corps much since then, but began to notice more Colbert search referrals coming in over the weekend and thought I would see where my blog stood now in the Colbert blogger corps.

Voila! This blog is now the fifth most popular Colbert blog at Boxxet.

Take that Blog Numbers 6, 7 and 8!

Stephen Colbert Bloggers Boxxet

Stephen Colbert Bloggers Boxxet

To keep my newly discovered Stephen Colbert blog corps fires burning. here is the most recently known Colbert Quip from last night’s Emmy Awards found via the and their new “Political Browser” News section:

Political Browser Stephen Colbert Quip

Political Browser Stephen Colbert Quip