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Tweet Postz?

February 9, 2011

I read recently where the CTO of the New York Times said you are what you read.

Since I read a lot, why can’t what tweets I read during the course of a day constitute a WordPress blog post?

I would love to be able to grab all of my Tweets from a single day and then post them here on my WordPress blog.

While this sounds like a or Tweeted Times type service, its not.

Tweet Postz would create a personalized history of each users Twitter daily activity.

I tweet somewhere between 25 and 250 tweets a day.

Twitter in effect has become what I read.

Being able to record what I read daily only seems natural.

Tweet Post

Tweet Post


Google Blog Search Related Blogs Results

September 24, 2009

This blog’s WordPress search engine referrals data often reports “marketing comunications” as a keyword source.

However, this site isn’t in the top 100 results for  “marketing communications” in either Google or Yahoo.

Search Engine Rank

Search Engine Rank

Although doesn’t rank in the top 100 results in Google’s or Yahoo’s web index for marketing communications, I have discovered it appears to rank first for related blogs in Google Blog Search.

Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search must be the referral source for the “marketing communications” search engine queries.

Indexed URLs Less Than Half of Total URLs

September 9, 2009

With having written a blog post every single day for over a year now, I have accumulated and published 556 unique articles for via WordPress.

While all of my blog posts unique domains have been identified and crawled, less than half are appearing in Google’s index.



With no sitemap errors or warnings reported in my Google Webmaster Tools dashboard, I am somewhat perplexed why the percentage of my pages indexed is not 100%.



Granted, a 100% index rate may be rare but some of my other WordPress hosted sites are enjoying greater Google page indexing success rates like the example below.



What can I do to get all of this site’s pages indexed?

WordPress Blogging Achievement: A Post Published 365 Consecutive Days In A Row

August 31, 2009

When I launched my first website back in 1999 – blogs didn’t exist.

To get my site launched, I had to use ad agency designers who knew how to write code which in turn published my content on the nascent world wide web.

After my site launched, I realized I needed to make some content changes.

Because blogging platforms didn’t exist and I hadn’t bought the code they had used to develop my site, the designers initially charged me $100 for each change I wanted to make to my site.


I quickly set out to find my own web developers who could build my own content management system.

While giving a presentation at a local university’s engineering college, some young guys came up and said they would be interested in working with me.

I agreed to give them a shot.

They built me a content management system in .ASP where I could upload and control my own content without any ongoing costs.

Off to the races I went.

Little did I know at that time nor did it occur to me that the idea of a back end content management system would be something other businesses would want.

Nor did I foresee that content management would ultimately become known in general as blogs and blogging.

If I had, I guess I would be on the other side of this post founding and running not my consulting practice.

Anyway in the early days of the internet, the content platform providers all suggested bloggers just sit down and blog every day for a year to generate their own unique set of pages and content.

Well – 10 years later I have done it.

I have blogged here every single day for the last 365 days over a period of exactly one year beginning on September 1, 2008.

I have learned a lot and will write more about what the experience has taught me – tomorrow.

Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Stats

August 25, 2009

Switching from a WordPress subdomain to my own domain has proved to be much more expensive than the $10 annual domain mapping fee I pay WordPress.

I went from having hundreds of visitors daily to less than one hundred visitors a day.

Being in the business of traffic generation primarily through Google Adwords pay per click, the drop in “orgnanic” traffic proved to be quite frustrating.

I installed Google Webmaster Tools on this blog and verified the site as directed.

Several months passed and nothing changed.

I then decided to submit a reconsideration request which in turn got my domain mapping WordPress redirect resolved.

Yet, continued to languish in Google’s search results barely registering 200 of my nearly 600 pages.

Yesterday,  I spent some time in my Google Webmaster Tools account and today I noticed my “Crawl Stats” jumped significantly from their average page crawl rate.

Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Stats

Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Stats

I am hoping this new average page crawl high will soon lead to a greater presence of my web site’s pages within Google’s search engine results pages.

Time will tell and so will my Google Webmaster Tools dashboard.

Add Latest YouTube News Videos to Your Website

August 24, 2009

Google Web Elements makes it possible to add YouTube News to any website.

Latest News Videos

Latest News Videos

I have been able to grab a single Associated Press video from YouTube and post it within my blog.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Add Latest YouTube News Videos to You…“, posted with vodpod

However I haven’t yet been able to post a news roll like those featured on the Google Web Elements site.

Google Web Elements

Google Web Elements

I have tried both the post video feature from within WordPress in addition to atempting to post video via the VodPod service.

Any ideas why I can’t embed the news roll from YouTube within a WordPress blog?

Google Webmaster Tools Reviews Actually Work

July 18, 2009

Several days ago I wrote about my frustration with WordPress.

I had moved my original WordPress domain to a new url  – via their domain mapping service January 29th of this year.

To my dismay, I witnessed all of my Google search referrals vanish along with my WordPress domain from the Google search results.

To add insult to injury, my new domain went nearly six months without being re-indexed by Google even after authenticating and validating the new domain with Google Webmaster tools.

I contacted WordPress again and they said it wasn’t their fault the domain wasn’t in Google’s index.

Their response may have been intellectually sound, but it didn’t help me much.

I did however decide to take their advice and use Google Webmaster Tools message center to contact Google and ask for a review of my site.

To my surprise, in my Google Webnaster tools inbox I received the following message:

Google Webmaster Tools Reconsideration Request

Google Webmaster Tools Reconsideration Request

A Google site search for Search Marketing Communications also yielded 17 pages.

Google Index Search Marketing Communications

Google Index Search Marketing Communications

This is 17 more pages from my new site than were found in Google’s index yesterday.

Although I have several hundred pages in – 17 pages in the Google index is better than none.

Googlebot crawl stats show its crawling two pages per average visit.

Googlebot Crawl Stats

Googlebot Crawl Stats

I expect to see the average number of pages crawled increase with each Googlebot return visit to my site.

Another way to verify whether or not a blog is receiving optimum distribution is to check whether or not its in Google’s Blog Search.

Based on the following Google blog search results, it appears a successful Google Webmaster tools reconsideration request into Google’s index also yields placement in Google blog search.

Google Blog Search Marketing Communications

Google Blog Search Marketing Communications

I am cautiously optimistic this entire site will soon be available in Google’s index.

If and when this occurs, I will be sure to report on the outcome here

A First? The, Twitter and WordPress Mashup by Email

July 13, 2009

Today while thinking about posting content in several different places, I thought I would see if I could post to my Twitter, and WordPress accounts simultaneously.

While not exactly simultaneous or simple, the idea shows some promise.

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Google Webmaster Tools Directions

June 23, 2009

While struggling with getting this WordPress blog’s domain mapping url redirected properly and indexed again by Google, I came across the following list of directions for webmasters.

Google Webmaster Tools Directions

Google Webmaster Tools Directions

If only Google Webmaster tools answered how long it will WordPress domain mapping domains to get indexed again.

Today is 147th day since I bought the upgrade from WordPress and its also the 147th day since Google stopped indexing this blog.

WordPress: My First Post by Email

May 13, 2009

WordPress has announced a new feature whereby bloggers can post to their blogs via email.

From the WordPress blog:

You can send email from any email client, whether in a browser, on your desktop, or from your cell phone, and as much formatting will be retained as possible.

Attachments are not left out, and your images will be included and automatically converted into thumbnails.  If you include multiple images they’ll be converted into an attractive gallery.  Now you can take photos anywhere and have them appear on your blog in moments.

I am not sure how to add tags or links to the post or how easily photos are embedded either.

More about the Post by Email feature from WordPress:

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