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Google Webmaster Tools Adds Favicons

January 11, 2010

I noticed the web sites I monitor in my Google Webmaster Tools account have had Favicons added to their urls.

Google Webmaster Tools Favicons

Google Webmaster Tools Favicons

I don’t recall seeing favicons last week, so I believe they have just been added today.

Having a favicon next to each domain helps me navigate my Google Webmaster Tools account more easily and quickly.


Google Webmaster Tools Directions

June 23, 2009

While struggling with getting this WordPress blog’s domain mapping url redirected properly and indexed again by Google, I came across the following list of directions for webmasters.

Google Webmaster Tools Directions

Google Webmaster Tools Directions

If only Google Webmaster tools answered how long it will WordPress domain mapping domains to get indexed again.

Today is 147th day since I bought the upgrade from WordPress and its also the 147th day since Google stopped indexing this blog.