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Google Instant Search: A Prediction For The SEO

September 11, 2010

For all you SEO fans out there wondering about or maybe even pontificating what results if any will materialize from the launch of Google Instant, I have a rather simplistic albeit cryptic prediction:

With the launch of Google Instant; the tail will stop wagging the dog.

Adjust your search marketing communications accordingly.


Google Blog Search Related Blogs Results

September 24, 2009

This blog’s WordPress search engine referrals data often reports “marketing comunications” as a keyword source.

However, this site isn’t in the top 100 results for  “marketing communications” in either Google or Yahoo.

Search Engine Rank

Search Engine Rank

Although doesn’t rank in the top 100 results in Google’s or Yahoo’s web index for marketing communications, I have discovered it appears to rank first for related blogs in Google Blog Search.

Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search must be the referral source for the “marketing communications” search engine queries.

Google Show More Results Plus Box

August 27, 2009

Today while searching to see if all of Search Marketing Communications pages had yet been indexed by Google, I noticed results for this blog now include a “show more results from” + box.

Google Show More Results

Google Show More Results

Clicking on the show more results plus box then produces a list of additional pages within the site without having to click through to the site.

In my site’s case, the show more results button produced a list of six pages from within the site.

Google Show All Results

Google Show All Results

Below the six pages listed within the site, Google then offers to “Show all of the results from

This in turn produces a list of all the pages Google has found within a site.

In this site’s case, Google finds approximately 407 pages of the 550 pages that have been published.

Hopefully, the Googlebot will eventually update its results with all 550 pages.

Google Site Search: Half of Search Marketing Communications Indexed

August 15, 2009

Although my site has begun appearing in Google search results again, for some reason only 196 of my 500+ pages are getting crawled and indexed.

Any idea why only a fraction of my site is getting crawled and indexed in Google?

What steps do I need to take to get the 300+ missing pages crawled and indexed?

Google Webmaster Tools Reviews Actually Work

July 18, 2009

Several days ago I wrote about my frustration with WordPress.

I had moved my original WordPress domain to a new url  – via their domain mapping service January 29th of this year.

To my dismay, I witnessed all of my Google search referrals vanish along with my WordPress domain from the Google search results.

To add insult to injury, my new domain went nearly six months without being re-indexed by Google even after authenticating and validating the new domain with Google Webmaster tools.

I contacted WordPress again and they said it wasn’t their fault the domain wasn’t in Google’s index.

Their response may have been intellectually sound, but it didn’t help me much.

I did however decide to take their advice and use Google Webmaster Tools message center to contact Google and ask for a review of my site.

To my surprise, in my Google Webnaster tools inbox I received the following message:

Google Webmaster Tools Reconsideration Request

Google Webmaster Tools Reconsideration Request

A Google site search for Search Marketing Communications also yielded 17 pages.

Google Index Search Marketing Communications

Google Index Search Marketing Communications

This is 17 more pages from my new site than were found in Google’s index yesterday.

Although I have several hundred pages in – 17 pages in the Google index is better than none.

Googlebot crawl stats show its crawling two pages per average visit.

Googlebot Crawl Stats

Googlebot Crawl Stats

I expect to see the average number of pages crawled increase with each Googlebot return visit to my site.

Another way to verify whether or not a blog is receiving optimum distribution is to check whether or not its in Google’s Blog Search.

Based on the following Google blog search results, it appears a successful Google Webmaster tools reconsideration request into Google’s index also yields placement in Google blog search.

Google Blog Search Marketing Communications

Google Blog Search Marketing Communications

I am cautiously optimistic this entire site will soon be available in Google’s index.

If and when this occurs, I will be sure to report on the outcome here