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Twitter Pictures In Google Search Results

June 27, 2010

Pictures I posted yesterday via Twitter from the Pawnee Bill Wild West show have found their way into Google’s search results.

Google Updates Twitter Pictures

Google Updates Twitter Pictures

I Tweeted six or seven photos total so why did only three Tweeted pictures make Google’s Updates search results?

What factors determine which Tweets are indexed and published and which ones aren’t?


Google Site Search: Half of Search Marketing Communications Indexed

August 15, 2009

Although my site has begun appearing in Google search results again, for some reason only 196 of my 500+ pages are getting crawled and indexed.

Any idea why only a fraction of my site is getting crawled and indexed in Google?

What steps do I need to take to get the 300+ missing pages crawled and indexed?

Flickr Images in Google Search Results

May 28, 2009

Today while scanning Google web search results, I happened upon a Flickr image result displayed in line with Google’s regular search results.

As far as I can recall, I don’t remember finding Flickr images anywhere in Google other than in Google Image search before today.

Flickr Images in Google Search Results

Flickr Images in Google Search Results

Clicking the icon to see all public photos and videos tagged with the keyword as suggested took me to the Flickr site.

Once on the Flickr page, I was informed there were a total of 40 photos tagged with the keyword I initially searched for.

Flickr Google Search Referral

Flickr Google Search Referral

Will Google expand distribution of Flickr images within its web results further for people specific search like the one above?

Or will Google display Flickr images within its web search results  for an broadening array of keywords?

My guess is the images will be confined to people related keyword searches for the time being.

Submarining Local Business Listings in Google Maps with User Content

November 2, 2008

After reading Danny Sullivan’s post about his and Mike Blumenthal’s continued frustration with Google’s Local Business Center and its shortcomings, I went to check the status of my recent attempts to further manage my business listing and its details in Google’s Local Business Center.

I was surprised to learn my listing edits were disapproved for reasons which weren’t fully explained other than through a pop up which said: “This listing does not comply with our policy of allowed terms.”

Policy of Allowed Terms

Policy of Allowed Terms

I haven’t yet been able to locate their policy of allowed terms.

Fortunately and because the Google Local Business Center still has room for improvement – my business listing can be found in a Google or Google Maps search for Advanced Marketing Consultants Nichols Hills, OK.

Google Local Business Center Overview

Google Local Business Center Overview

However, so can my competitor’s “listings”.

I was even more surprised to find information other than data directly related to my business inserted into both the Overview and User Content sections of my business listing by a “consultants directory” which effectively submarines my listing – not once but three times – all with the same “information” from the same “consultants directory”.

Marketing Consultants

Marketing Consultants

I am not sure these are the type of search results Google wanted to see occur when they opened up and allowed “user generated content” within Google Maps – yet these types of results are now appearing there.

How long will it take before every business category gets submarined by directories who spam Google Maps with their “Placemarks” on “Untitled Maps” under the auspices of “user content”?

Placemarks Untitled Maps

Placemarks Untitled Maps

I don’t know exactly how Google can stop spammers from generating “Placemarks” on “Untitled Maps” which in turn get published under unsuspecting business owner’s business listings.

Surely though since Google created the “User Content” system – they can also fix it.

Google Who Is Domain Search

April 29, 2008

Google search now provides WhoIs domain registration information directly in their search results via Domain Tools.

Domain ownership details can be found by clicking the result.

A search for: whois produces the following result.

Google Who Is Domain Search

Be sure to to type whois as one word as opposed to two because a search for who is doesn’t produce the domain’s registration information, it produce the site’s search results.

Google Who Is Domain Search

I have used Domain Tools for several years and highly recommend their site and tools. As far as I can tell, there are few if any other domain intelligence tools that provide anywhere near the data Domain Tools does.

Jay Westerdal of Domain Tools blog posts about the domain industry are also worth investigating further.

Google Adwords Sponsored Links Displaying Google Local Business Center Maps

February 29, 2008

Google Adwords Sponsored Links Local Maps

Originally uploaded by TimCohn

For the last nine months Google has been testing the display of Google Maps information in their Local Google sponsored links results.

Today I discovered my own local Google Adwords ad displaying both information about my business from Google Maps and from my Google Local Business Center account.

However, the Google Maps and Google Local Business Center information still aren’t appearing in all Google search results. Now Appearing in Google Search Results

June 7, 2007

Over the last several weeks, I have begun to see an occasional You Tube video clip or two in Google search results.

A video I posted on You Tube on May 27, 2007 and tagged with Google Adwords Professional is now appearing in Google search results as of today June 7, 2007.

It will be interesting to see how You Tube videos compete for page positions with their text counterparts.

Google Adwords Professional

Google Search Results

September 4, 2006

While searching for direct marketing services today, I noticed Google has begun integrating Google Base data into service related searches again. I have noticed these types of results previously only to see them disappear after a few days most notably under queries for Commercial Real Estate.