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Flickr Images in Google Search Results

May 28, 2009

Today while scanning Google web search results, I happened upon a Flickr image result displayed in line with Google’s regular search results.

As far as I can recall, I don’t remember finding Flickr images anywhere in Google other than in Google Image search before today.

Flickr Images in Google Search Results

Flickr Images in Google Search Results

Clicking the icon to see all public photos and videos tagged with the keyword as suggested took me to the Flickr site.

Once on the Flickr page, I was informed there were a total of 40 photos tagged with the keyword I initially searched for.

Flickr Google Search Referral

Flickr Google Search Referral

Will Google expand distribution of Flickr images within its web results further for people specific search like the one above?

Or will Google display Flickr images within its web search results  for an broadening array of keywords?

My guess is the images will be confined to people related keyword searches for the time being.


Google Image Search Explained

March 15, 2009

The Google Webmaster Blog has posted a video about how Google Image search works.

The presentation covers both the searcher and webmaster perspective.

According to Google Prodcut Manager Peter Linsley,  the goal of his presentation is to provide insights into how image search is used, how it works, and how webmasters can optimize their pages for image searchers.

Linsley’s presentation contains:

Background on the reach of Image Search

Findings on the behavior of image searchers

Google’s efforts at handling multiple image referrers

How to best feature images (image quality and placement, relevant surrounding text, etc.)

The most interesting takeaway from Linsley’s presentation was “the impetus for an image search is a text query.”

Text query translation and processing is the foundation Google’s franchise.

Until the masses learn how to communicate their thoughts via picture (image) form via a keyboard, Google’s text centric process will continue to dominate the field of search.