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Flickr Images in Google Search Results

May 28, 2009

Today while scanning Google web search results, I happened upon a Flickr image result displayed in line with Google’s regular search results.

As far as I can recall, I don’t remember finding Flickr images anywhere in Google other than in Google Image search before today.

Flickr Images in Google Search Results

Flickr Images in Google Search Results

Clicking the icon to see all public photos and videos tagged with the keyword as suggested took me to the Flickr site.

Once on the Flickr page, I was informed there were a total of 40 photos tagged with the keyword I initially searched for.

Flickr Google Search Referral

Flickr Google Search Referral

Will Google expand distribution of Flickr images within its web results further for people specific search like the one above?

Or will Google display Flickr images within its web search results  for an broadening array of keywords?

My guess is the images will be confined to people related keyword searches for the time being.


Linkedin Plus Twitter Equals Who Knows What?

November 1, 2008

I just added my Twitter account into my Linkedin account profile after noticing Owen Frager had added it to his “what he is working on” Linkedin updates.

Twitter TimCohn

Twitter TimCohn

Pretty cool Owen…

Linkedin TimCohn

Linkedin TimCohn

I had been meaning for some time to write about the importance of “owning and controlling your brand” whether personal or corporate in the most promising emerging social platforms for both offensive and defensive purposes

Appropriately, I first became acquainted with Owen after having posted on Domain King Rick Schwartz’ blog

about how I missed the first offensive opportunity to control “my personal brand” – albeit my not so unique name – on that newfangled social platform called the world wide web way back in 1996.

Tim Cohn

Tim Cohn

Granted, its hard to gauge in advance which social platforms will have the largest audience and reach after filtering out all their noise.

However, not registering your “brand” in their databases early on can lead to remorse later on.

If you haven’t done so already, register your own / and create accounts for the same names in MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr – if you can…

The same holds true for individuals.

Sign up for a Linkedin account under your personal brand: your name.

Don’t be disappointed though if you can’t. If yours is a common name – it surely has long since been registered.

Registering your brands with these sites may not make you any money in the short term, but if and when social media platforms ever figure out how to make money for themselves let alone for their advertisers and users, wouldn’t it be better for you to control your brand name(s) on the most successful social media sites instead of someone else?

New Flickr Homepage

October 22, 2008

New Flickr Home Page

Originally uploaded by TimCohn

From the Flickr blog:

“We’ve rolled out the new Flickr home page to all of our members. Why the change? The layout, design and new features now surfaces much more of the action going on around you.”

Flickr has definitely put more information on user’s home pages.

As with every other technology driven change, it will take some getting used to.

Flickr Stats

March 27, 2008

Flickr provides an additional level of stats on your photos when you upgrade to Flickr Pro.

After you have upgraded your Flickr account to Flickr Pro, you can get a more detailed breakdown of your photos by using Flickr Stats.

To get access to your Flickr Pro stats, go to the standard Flickr account’s most popular photos, ordered by interestingness feature page under Flickr’s “Your Photos” tab.

Click on Flickr stats to get the following four additional levels of stats.

1. Daily aggregate views on your account

Flickr Stats

2. Your most viewed photos

Flickr Stats Most Viewed Photos

3. Referrers

Flickr Stats Referrers

4. Breakdown of your photos

Flickr Stats Photo Data

With enough photos in an account, Flickr Pro stats data can be instructive to both photographers and marketers alike.