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Twitter Brand Quotient: How Many SuperBowl XLIII Advertisers and Their Ads Are on Twitter?

January 27, 2009

In a previous post. I asked “Where Are The Official Professional Sports Leagues and Their Teams’ Tweets?”

Today we have at least one answer to my question: Super Bowl XLIII is now on Twitter.

Super Bowl XLIII Twitter Account

Super Bowl XLIII Twitter Account

With SuperBowl 43 coming up this Sunday, I now have several more questions.

1. Where are the professional sports leagues Twitter accounts?

2. If they have them, why don’t more of their “Twitter Fans” know about them? While I am at it – Why don’t all Pro Sports Teams have Twitter Fan Clubs?

3. Where are professional sports leagues like the NFL’s advertising partners Twitter accounts?

4. Why aren’t SuperBowl XLIII Advertisers using their Twitter street cred as a means for extending their brand message and media visibility? Surely the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today and even Advertising Age would cover their innovative approach to extending the life of their otherwise expiration prone advertising through Twitter.

5. Why aren’t the leagues, their teams and advertisers embedding their Twitter account information in their brand marketing and advertising?

6. How many SuperBowl 43 advertisers will embed their multi-million dollar ads with their Twitter account contact information to measure real time audience response?

With SuperBowl XLIII itself just having established a Twitter account on January 23, 2009, its seems highly unlikely any SuperBowl advertisers would have had the foresight to embed their ads with their Twitter contact details.

Too bad.

With SuperBowl XLIII Ads costing a record $100,000 a second, you would think Superbowl advertisers would be looking for every conceivable way to justify the cost of their Super Bowl Ads this year.

SuperBowl XLIII Ads

SuperBowl XLIII Ads

To this day, few brand marketers embed their broadcast television spots with website addresses to measure advertising response so why should they be expected to embrace real time audience response from their community via Twitter?

The following is an alphabetical list of known 2009 SuperBowl advertisers from Ad Age.

Castrol Motor Oil
Coca-Cola Co.
DreamWorks Animation/PepsiCo’s SoBe
E-Trade Financial
General Electric
H&R Block
NBC Universal’s Universal Pictures
Paramount Pictures
PepsiCo Beverages
PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay
Sony Pictures
Toyota Motor Sales USA

In my next post and based on the criteria mentioned above, I will score and assign each of these SuperBowl XLIII advertisers their Twitter Brand Quotient (TBQ).


Google Coupons @ Google Code

November 19, 2008

Google offers merchants the ability to provide coupons that will be included in Google search results via their Google Code site.

What better time for brands to distribute their coupons for free via the web – than now?

Consumers can search for coupons on Google, print and then redeem coupons at participating merchants.

Google Code offers businesses five different methods for feeding their coupons into Google’s coupon distribution system.

1. Coupon TSV Feed Documentation

2. Coupon XML Feed Documentation

3. Coupon Feed XSD

4. Basic Coupon Sample XML

5. Complex Coupon Sample XML

Visit the Google Code site to learn more about how to upload and begin distributing your brand’s coupons via Google search.

Linkedin Plus Twitter Equals Who Knows What?

November 1, 2008

I just added my Twitter account into my Linkedin account profile after noticing Owen Frager had added it to his “what he is working on” Linkedin updates.

Twitter TimCohn

Twitter TimCohn

Pretty cool Owen…

Linkedin TimCohn

Linkedin TimCohn

I had been meaning for some time to write about the importance of “owning and controlling your brand” whether personal or corporate in the most promising emerging social platforms for both offensive and defensive purposes

Appropriately, I first became acquainted with Owen after having posted on Domain King Rick Schwartz’ blog

about how I missed the first offensive opportunity to control “my personal brand” – albeit my not so unique name – on that newfangled social platform called the world wide web way back in 1996.

Tim Cohn

Tim Cohn

Granted, its hard to gauge in advance which social platforms will have the largest audience and reach after filtering out all their noise.

However, not registering your “brand” in their databases early on can lead to remorse later on.

If you haven’t done so already, register your own / and create accounts for the same names in MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr – if you can…

The same holds true for individuals.

Sign up for a Linkedin account under your personal brand: your name.

Don’t be disappointed though if you can’t. If yours is a common name – it surely has long since been registered.

Registering your brands with these sites may not make you any money in the short term, but if and when social media platforms ever figure out how to make money for themselves let alone for their advertisers and users, wouldn’t it be better for you to control your brand name(s) on the most successful social media sites instead of someone else?