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Google Coupon Search Subscription Results

December 30, 2008

Today while searching for skiing conditions here in Keystone, Colorado I noticed a subscribed links result for Coupon Search while logged into my iGoogle account.

Google Find Coupons

Google Find Coupons

Several years ago Google launched Google Coop which let Google users subscribe to feeds from publishers who met Google’s publishing guidelines.

As far as I can tell, less than 100 publishers have participated in Google Coop which now appears to be called Subscribed Links.

Google Coop never really caught on but at the time I did subscribe to several feeds from technology information publishers.

I don’t recall subscribing to Google Coupon Search but the subscriptions list within my iGoogle account indicates I have.

Subscribed Links

Subscribed Links

According to Google, subscribers to Coupon Search can:

Search Google for coupons from local businesses. Easily find and print coupons that can help you save money at restaurants, hotels, dry cleaners, and other businesses in your neighborhood.

Google Coupon Search

Google Coupon Search

While within the search results for Keystone skiing conditions, I clicked on the Google Coupon gadget and found several pages of printable coupons available from businesses in and around the Keystone area.

Google Printable Coupons

Google Printable Coupons

Clicking on any one of the printable coupons results produced the printable coupon Google promised.

Printable Coupons

Printable Coupons

Google Coupons @ Google Code

November 19, 2008

Google offers merchants the ability to provide coupons that will be included in Google search results via their Google Code site.

What better time for brands to distribute their coupons for free via the web – than now?

Consumers can search for coupons on Google, print and then redeem coupons at participating merchants.

Google Code offers businesses five different methods for feeding their coupons into Google’s coupon distribution system.

1. Coupon TSV Feed Documentation

2. Coupon XML Feed Documentation

3. Coupon Feed XSD

4. Basic Coupon Sample XML

5. Complex Coupon Sample XML

Visit the Google Code site to learn more about how to upload and begin distributing your brand’s coupons via Google search.