Flickr Stats

Flickr provides an additional level of stats on your photos when you upgrade to Flickr Pro.

After you have upgraded your Flickr account to Flickr Pro, you can get a more detailed breakdown of your photos by using Flickr Stats.

To get access to your Flickr Pro stats, go to the standard Flickr account’s most popular photos, ordered by interestingness feature page under Flickr’s “Your Photos” tab.

Click on Flickr stats to get the following four additional levels of stats.

1. Daily aggregate views on your account

Flickr Stats

2. Your most viewed photos

Flickr Stats Most Viewed Photos

3. Referrers

Flickr Stats Referrers

4. Breakdown of your photos

Flickr Stats Photo Data

With enough photos in an account, Flickr Pro stats data can be instructive to both photographers and marketers alike.



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