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Google Show More Results Plus Box

August 27, 2009

Today while searching to see if all of Search Marketing Communications pages had yet been indexed by Google, I noticed results for this blog now include a “show more results from” + box.

Google Show More Results

Google Show More Results

Clicking on the show more results plus box then produces a list of additional pages within the site without having to click through to the site.

In my site’s case, the show more results button produced a list of six pages from within the site.

Google Show All Results

Google Show All Results

Below the six pages listed within the site, Google then offers to “Show all of the results from

This in turn produces a list of all the pages Google has found within a site.

In this site’s case, Google finds approximately 407 pages of the 550 pages that have been published.

Hopefully, the Googlebot will eventually update its results with all 550 pages.