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Record Blog Search Traffic

October 1, 2008

This blog: Search Marketing Communications had its single highest monthly traffic during September 2008 with 22,897 views.

Previously, this WordPress blog’s highest trafficked month was April 2008 with 8,307 views.

14,950 more views occurred during September 2008 nearly triple the prior traffic record.

By the end of September 2008, had been viewed 74,927 times since its inception in September 2006.

In its first month’s existence this blog had 1,593 total views.

September 2008 traffic was 14 times greater than September 2006 traffic.

Since few if any people subscribe to this blog, the vast majority (an estimated 99% or greater) found this blog through some type of search query, hence this blog’s title:

Search Marketing Communications

Record Search Traffic 22897 Views

Record Search Traffic 22897 Views

Record Single Month Blog Search Traffic: 22,897 Views

September 2008 Total Blog Traffic

September 2008 Total Blog Traffic

Total Search Traffic September 2008

Top Search and Web Properties Query Share

September 20, 2008

comScore has released its August 2008 qSearch analysis of the the U.S. search marketplace.

According to comScore, Google core search sites continued to lead the U.S. core search market in August with 63% of the searches conducted, up from 61.9% in July.

Yahoo core search sites had the second largest amount of search traffic with 19.6%, followed by Microsoft with 8.3%, the Ask Network with 4.8% and AOL LLC with 4.3% of searches conducted.

At the top web properties where search is observed, Google web properties led with 10.2 billion searches followed by Yahoo web properties with 2.4 billion searches, Microsoft web properties with 1 billion searches and AOL LLC and it search sites with 839 million search queries.

What I found most interesting in the comScore top web properties search data was Fox Interactive’s web sites – including – conducted 593 millions searches compared to Ask Network’s properties 572 million searches.

July August 2008 comScore Site Search Share

July August 2008 comScore Site Search Shar

Also, according to comScore data and to my surprise, has even surpassed AOL’s Search Network – not including MapQuest – fielding 117 million more search queries per month than AOL search.

Even with MySpace network’s growth slowing, at some point won’t its user base and growth cause it to generate an equal and then ever increasing number of search queries per month?

At its present size and barring any significant search market disruptions, will eventually generate more searches per month than AOL?

Ultimately, will generate more search queries per month than even Microsoft’s web properties?