Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries Visualized

I had problems authenticating Google Webmaster Tools several months ago and stopped checking the five sites I had them installed on.

I accidentally figured out how to solve my authentication problem and got them back online today.

Since my last log in, Google Webmaster Tools has added a search queries visualization tool to help webmasters see how many times their pages (Queries) appear within search results (Impressions).

The tool data also shows how many clicks a site received on a percentage basis relative to the total number of impressions it and the other sites on the same page received for the same query.

Sample Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries

Sample Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries

The Click Through Rate and Average Position data for each query can also help webmasters better understand both their audience and Google’s ranking demands.

One of my pages has received a 35% CTR within the last 30 days while another received a 26% CTR.

The 35% CTR page had only 46 Impressions and 16 clicks while the 26% CTR page had 1000 Impressions and 260 clicks.

Both queries were three word phrases describing the same product yet the latter produced over 15 times more traffic.

If those two differences in results don’t illustrate the importance and rewards for understanding search audience demand, I don’t know what does.


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