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At Least Yahoo Is Trying…

October 20, 2009

A search for Google on Yahoo produces rather interesting results.

Yes, the top result is an ad for Google from Google.

However, the next result although innovative is quite biased in nature:

“You could go to Google. Or get straight to your answers here.”

Yahoo Google

Yahoo Google

Apparently navigational search ie., “google” is alive and well at

To Yahoo’s credit, a search for advertising in their “search here” box does produce a top sponsored listing result for Yahoo Search Marketing.

Yahoo Advertising Search

Yahoo Advertising Search

Yet curiously, organic search results for Yahoo marketing are nowhere to be found while Microsoft Advertising appears fourth in Yahoo’s search results.

Doesn’t Yahoo’s absence from their own search results for advertising mean Yahoo is in need of some help with their site’s own Search Engine Optimization?


Google Alerts Now Tracking Twitter Posts?

May 22, 2009

Google Web Alerts appears to now be reporting Twitter posts via its Google Alerts product.

Twitter Google Web Alert

Twitter Google Web Alert

I received the Google Alert above today for data gathered yesterday May 21, 2009.

This is the first Google Alert I have seen which included Twitter posts within Google Web Alerts.

What implications will this have on Search Engine Results Pages for search engine marketers and search engine optimizers – if any?

Internet Marketing Degrees

April 7, 2009

For profit educational institutions like appear to be the first to offer degrees in the Internet Marketing field.

According to the Full Sail website:

The future of marketing is online, and successful web marketing requires a new set of skills, and a unique language of its own. The Internet has changed the way companies attract and keep customers, requiring fresh advertising strategy that utilizes e-mail, websites, and wireless media.


I can’t imagine any student landing a marketing related job after college who isn’t familiar with doesn’t basic internet marketing terms and concepts.

Full Sail touches on four of the basics – Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click and Web Analytics –  on their landing page for attracting potential internet marketing students.

Any marketer student or otherwise will need to be able to speak “internet marketing” language if they hope to work in the field of marketing tomorrow or in the future.

Getting a degree in internet marketing would be one way a future marketer could convince prospective employers of their employment potential within the marketing field.

Internet Marketing Degree

Internet Marketing Degree

Live Search xRank and Barack Obama

August 29, 2008

Microsoft has re-launched Live Search along with its xRank features.

Today I was surprised to find the following picture embedded in Microsoft’s Live Search home page.

Or is it the other way around?

I was surprised to find the Microsoft Live Search box embedded in a picture of Barack Obama.

Live Search Barack Obama

Live Search Barack Obam

I am not sure but I think this is a first.

Embed your search home page in images from the day’s headlines?

If your search appliance isn’t gaining search traffic market share from its competition piggy back your product on news and images known to produce search traffic by bolting your search box onto the backs of the day’s top headlines?

Yahoo already does this to some degree but Live Search has taken its editorial to a new level.

If search was previously defined by it’s transparency and absence of bias, Microsoft Live Search has now flip flopped with its decision to make its editorial choice the cover of their Live Search home page.

It will be interesting to see if this decision increases Microsoft’s Live Search traffic volume and market share or if it puts off both its otherwise loyal search users while dissuading potential additional search audience members from visiting the Live Search site.

Drilling down from the home page Live Search provides five categories of Live Search xRank results: Celebrity, Musician, Politician, Blogger and Olympics.

I assume as news cycles ebb and flow, so will their xRank editorial categories selections.

By optimizing its home page for maximum search audience traffic through co-opting the day’s headlines, Live Search has literally given new meaning to the terms search engine optimization and SEO.

Live Search xRank Celebrity

Live Search xRank Celebrity

Live Search Celebrity xRank

Live Search xRank Musician

Live Search xRank Musician

Live Search Musician xRank

Live Search xRank Politician

Live Search xRank Politician

Live Search Politician xRank

Live Search xRank Blogger

Live Search xRank Blogger

Live Search Blogger xRank

Live Search xRank Olympics

Live Search xRank Olympics

Live Search Olympics xRank

Medicare Marketing Strategies: Search Engine Optimization Webinar

May 8, 2008

I am presenting a Webinar on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Medicare Marketing professionals July 10th, 2008 @ 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM EDT.

I recently presented at the World Research Group Medicare Marketing Strategies conference in Washington DC. I am looking forward to working with World Research Group again.

World Research Group

The Medicare Marketing Strategies Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Webinar Overview:

Harness the Power of the Internet! An increasing number of potential Medicare beneficiaries are turning to the web, and specifically to Google, to find and research area plans. Make sure your name is at the top of their list. This webinar shows how Medicare plans can utilize Google-specific Search Engine Optimization techniques to improve their outreach among prospective enrollees.

Who should attend the Medicare Marketing Strategies Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Webinar:

From Health Plans:

  • Chief Marketing Officers

Also Vice Presidents, Directors, and Managers of:

  • Marketing
  • Medicare
  • Senior Products
  • Senior Markets
  • Government Programs
  • Corporate Communications

Medicare Marketing Strategies Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Webinar Agenda:

Learn how to:

  • Target your prospects online instead of offline for measurable results
  • Transform your business into a modern marketing machine
  • Speak with your customers in their language, one they understand and prefer
  • Tap Google Adwords to reach prospects when and where they want to be reached.
  • Acquire new business more rapidly and efficiently through Google positioning.
  • Reduce friction and costs in your acquisition and retention program

About Tim Cohn:

World Research Group Speaker

For more information about the Search Engine Optimization Webinar or to register, please contact the World Research Group toll free by phone at 1-800-647-7600, via e-mail at or sign up for the Medicare Marketing Strategies Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Webinar at World Research