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Internet Marketing Degrees

April 7, 2009

For profit educational institutions like appear to be the first to offer degrees in the Internet Marketing field.

According to the Full Sail website:

The future of marketing is online, and successful web marketing requires a new set of skills, and a unique language of its own. The Internet has changed the way companies attract and keep customers, requiring fresh advertising strategy that utilizes e-mail, websites, and wireless media.


I can’t imagine any student landing a marketing related job after college who isn’t familiar with doesn’t basic internet marketing terms and concepts.

Full Sail touches on four of the basics – Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click and Web Analytics –  on their landing page for attracting potential internet marketing students.

Any marketer student or otherwise will need to be able to speak “internet marketing” language if they hope to work in the field of marketing tomorrow or in the future.

Getting a degree in internet marketing would be one way a future marketer could convince prospective employers of their employment potential within the marketing field.

Internet Marketing Degree

Internet Marketing Degree