Twitter Branding Failure: Bailing On The Fail Whale

Lately, Twitter the “service” has been having some reliability issues with its website loading consistently along with overall up-time availability whether through the web or phone.

Today when I opened my Google Chrome browser I noticed the following Twitter link association no brand by definition would ever want to be associated with.

Branded Failure

Branded Failure

Twitter/Over capacity!

If you will notice, the three other web brands above Twitter don’t have derogatory terms attached to their brands.

Imagine how long Google, Yahoo or Bing would remain in business if their site’s were “Over Capacity” every time a visitor tried to access their pages.

Not for long. They would be ran out of business by those businesses that could deliver their service consistently!

Yet Twitter users continue to endure the outages.

But for how long?

What business can consistently not deliver its primary product and still stay in business?

How many times have you logged into Twitter or attempted to Tweet from your phone only to be greeted by the infamous fail whale?

Twitter Fail Whale

Twitter Fail Whale

Its been said word of mouth is caused by either above or sub-par experiences with a company or its brand.

Well I am so sick and tired of logging into Twitter not knowing whether I can actually use it that I am writing this post about my increasingly negative experience with the Twitter brand.

My sub-par experience compelled me to write this.

I couldn’t stop it once it started either!

Brand management is predicated first on delivering the brand’s promise to its customers.

Twitter is failing to do the only thing they have promised to do – deliver Tweets!

Thus, I am bailing on the Fail Whale.

The fact that sub par experiences with Twitter have its own nomenclature doesn’t bode well for the brand long term either does it?

A Google search for Fail Whale produces a slew of continuous new results around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Real Time Search Fail Whale

Real Time Search Fail Whale

The fact that each and every one of Twitter’s users elect to pay their attention to and invest their precious time in Twitter’s service only to be shortchanged by its reliability apparently hasn’t yet caught the full attention of Twitter’s management team or its investors.

It it had, myself and the countless others complaining about the fail whale wouldn’t be Tweeting or blogging about how they are fed up with Twitter.

Will Twitter one day find itself subjected to a “Stop Wasting My Time and Energy Twitter” crowd campaign like the recent Facebook privacy fiasco?

I don’t know.

Whether that day and the “Stop Wasting My Time and Energy Twitter” crowd movement begins or not, I am beginning my own personal Twending campaign now.


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