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Ad Sitelinks Available For Any Google Adwords Campaign

June 24, 2010

From the Inside Adwords blog:

Back in November we launched Ad Sitelinks to help you get even better results from your top performing ads. Since then, we’ve seen advertisers experience huge gains with Ad Sitelinks, boosting their clickthrough rates on average by more than 30%. Today, we’re introducing a new one-line format that allows you to get the benefits of Ad Sitelinks for even more of your campaigns, including your more generic, unbranded campaigns.

What’s more, we’re also enabling the option to set up Ad Sitelinks for any campaign. This means that you don’t have to wait for your campaigns to pre-qualify before you can set up Ad Sitelinks.

When a user’s query matches a keyword in your Ad Sitelinks-enabled campaign, Google will automatically determine if your ad qualifies to show Ad Sitelinks and whether to show the two-line or the one-line format based on the quality of that ad. Ads that currently qualify for the two-line format will not be affected by the addition of the new one-line format.

You should keep in mind that Ad Sitelinks is a campaign-level extension, so the links you create should be relevant to any ad in that campaign.

You’ll find the option to set up Ad Sitelinks in your Campaign Settings tab. It will appear as “Show additional links to my site” under the “Ad extensions” section.

I haven’t yet tested Ad Sitelinks in any of my Google Adwords campaigns – have you?