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Google Adwords Keyword Alert!

October 19, 2010

I inherited a Google Adwords account with about 65,000 keywords.

Today while scrubbing the account I happened to click on the home tab where I got the following alert.

Google Adword Keyword Alert

Google Adword Keyword Alert

Here is the text verbatim:

The keywords in your account are nearing an unmanageable size. We recommend that you reduce the number of keywords within your account. This will ensure that your account includes the most targeted and relevant keywords possible.

Use our Adwords Editor to identify poor performing keywords within your account (such as keywords with few or zero impressions) and delete them.

Note: Be careful when deleting keywords in campaigns that are only opted in to the Display Network. Impressions and other statistics aren’t attributed to individual keywords when ads show on Display Network pages, but are attributed to the ad group as a whole. Therefore, keywords in Display Network-only campaigns will always show zero impressions.

The “Note” portion of the warning kind of complicates matters doesn’t it?


AdWords Editor 8.0.1 Now Supports Location Extensions

September 3, 2010

From the Adwords Editor Advisory Staff:

In order to make it easier for you to manage your account and take advantage of location extensions, we’re releasing a new version of AdWords Editor, 8.0.1, for Windows and Mac.

AdWords Editor 8.0.1 now supports location extensions, our new and improved way to run local ads. To support this change, we’ve transitioned the local business ads in your AdWords account to ads that are compatible with location extensions, added the Extensions tab in the AdWords Editor interface, and removed the Local Business Ads tab. This new Extensions tab should help make it easy for you to create and manage your location extensions.

To manage your Adwords location extensions in AdWords Editor start by linking your campaign to a Google Places account. You can then use AdWords Editor to download and manage the business locations associated with that Google Places account.

Follow the steps below to sync one or more Google Adwords campaigns with Google Places:

Sync Campaigns With Google Places

Sync Campaigns With Google Places

To learn more about all of the new features in Adwords Editor version 8.0.1, such as support for campaigns using target CPA and enhanced CPC bidding options, read the release notes at Adwords Editor 8.0.1.

Adwords Editor Phasing Out Support For Local Business Ads

June 19, 2010

Google Adwords Editor will no longer support Local Business Ads in future releases.

Instead, Adwords Editor will support Location Extensions.

More about the transition from Google:

AdWords Editor Location Extensions

AdWords Editor Location Extensions

Editing Google Adwords In A Spreadsheet

September 4, 2009

Editing your Google Adwords account in a spreadsheet without being versed in Google Adwords Editor just became significantly easier for Adwords users of all levels.

Within an Ad Group, click “More actions” then “Spreadsheet edit” to add, edit, delete, or pause keywords. Adwords account managers can also set or edit unique keyword bids and Destination URLs with Google’s spreadsheets.

Google Adwords Spreadsheet Edit Feature

Google Adwords Spreadsheet Edit Feature

Adwords Spreadsheet edit isn’t Adwords Editor but it does provide Adwords advertisers with a similar level of online account control and management from within the Adwords user interface.

How To Copy Items in Adwords Editor

March 22, 2009

Google Adwords continues to add a variety of “How To” video tutorials to the Google Business video channel on YouTube.

This quick video shows how to copy and move items within an Adwords account using Adwords Editor.

Google Adwords Editor Account Posting Limits

December 1, 2008

I use Adwords Editor regularly to upload campaign, ad group, keyword and bid changes into the Adwords accounts I manage.

Adwords Editor is a very effective tool for managing multiple Google search advertising accounts at the same time.

Until today, I had yet to encounter any Adwords Editor account posting limitations.

Normally, I prepare all of my Adwords account changes in advance and post them with Adwords editor.

Adwords Editor Posting

Adwords Editor Posting

Today however while attempting to post 4,904 ad group, 4,890 keyword and 4,905 text ad changes to a nearly seven

Adwords Editor Account Post

Adwords Editor Account Post

year old Adwords account, I received my first Adwords Editor Account (Error number 122).

Adwords Editor Account Limits

Adwords Editor Account Limits

I was surprised to learn I had exceeded my Adwords account limits.

I decided to call Google Adwords support @ 1-866-2Google (1-866-246-6453) and speak with an Adwords Support representative.

While discussing my account’s error message with the representative, I was told there is a 100 ad group limit per Adwords campaign unless permitted otherwise by Google via an Adwords account holder request.

The representative also suggested this may have been what caused my account to exceed its limits.

Granted, I was trying to get a bunch done at once.

Maybe the sheer number of new ad groups, keywords and ad text changes combined caused my Adwords account to exceed its posting limits.

Previously in the same account however, I have uploaded more than 100 ad groups per campaign so I am not sure if the information I received was accurate or not.

Regardless, I haven’t yet reorganized the data to attempt another post within that particular account.

Later though, I was able to post a seemingly similar large amount of data to a three year old Adwords account successfully and without incident.

This latest post had fewer campaigns, ad group and ad text changes yet had 27,183 new keyword additions.

Successful Adwords Editor Post

Successful Adwords Editor Post

My conclusion?

As with every other aspect of Google Adwords – account history and performance are taken into consideration when allowing or disallowing specific Adwords account operations to take place.