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Adwords Max CPC Bid Simulator

September 13, 2009

I noticed in one of my Google Adwords accounts, their new Max CPC Bid Simulator doesn’t provide data on every keyword in an Ad Group.

Max CPC Bid Simulator

Max CPC Bid Simulator

I asked several Adwords Experts if they knew whether this was until more history data became available within the account or whether the tool didn’t have network level data to draw upon.

Any ideas why the Adwords Max CPC Bid Simulator doesn’t provide data for each keyword in an Ad Group?


Editing Google Adwords In A Spreadsheet

September 4, 2009

Editing your Google Adwords account in a spreadsheet without being versed in Google Adwords Editor just became significantly easier for Adwords users of all levels.

Within an Ad Group, click “More actions” then “Spreadsheet edit” to add, edit, delete, or pause keywords. Adwords account managers can also set or edit unique keyword bids and Destination URLs with Google’s spreadsheets.

Google Adwords Spreadsheet Edit Feature

Google Adwords Spreadsheet Edit Feature

Adwords Spreadsheet edit isn’t Adwords Editor but it does provide Adwords advertisers with a similar level of online account control and management from within the Adwords user interface.

Microsoft adCenter: No Cost Per Conversion Data

September 15, 2008

Is there a particular reason why the Microsoft adCenter doesn’t provide a cost per conversion column for its advertisers?

Microsoft adCenter Cost Per Conversion

Microsoft adCenter Cost Per Conversion

The Microsoft adCenter dashboard displays ad group name, ad group start date, ad group end date, status, spend, impressions, clicks, ctr %, average position, conversions, average cpc and negative keywords.

adCenter data does show number of conversions – just not their cost. This unnecessarily creates an extra level of interpretation and work for advertisers.


If an advertiser wants to manage and understand their advertising campaign’s effectiveness through cost per conversion data – Microsoft through its omission of this metric – leaves advertisers to make their own calculations… or not.

Is this a lack of transparency in Microsoft’s adCenter?

If it is, Microsoft’s not providing its advertisers with acquisition cost data makes calculating their return on investment more difficult.

Both Google and Yahoo supply this type of data.

Surely this is just an oversight on Microsoft’s part.

If it is an oversight, adding cost per conversion data in the Microsoft adCenter dashboard would help Microsoft’s advertisers understand more about their campaigns acquisition costs and in turn their return on investment from advertising with Microsoft.

Surely providing this data in column form would be in the best interest of both Microsoft and its advertisers.