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The Google Billion AdWords Club

May 31, 2013

I have now bought over 1 billion Google AdWords ads.

One Billion Google AdWords Ads Placed - Tim Cohn | Billion AdWords Club

One Billion Google AdWords Ads Placed – Tim Cohn | Billion AdWords Club

As such, I am founding the Google Billion AdWords Club.

Run a billion Google ads,  join the club.

Tim Cohn Google Partner


Bing Local Search Marketing… In Google

December 11, 2009

An email with Microsoft / App in the subject line generated the following Adwords ad from Microsoft’s Bing no less…

Bing Search Local –  Oklahoma City Mediterranean Restaurants. Reviews & Maps Of Local Restaurants

Bing Local Search Marketing in Google

Bing Local Search Marketing in Google

To both Microsoft’s and Google’s credit, the email body contained the word “Apple” which I guess could  loosely be construed to mean… “I am hungry and I want to eat Mediterranean food?!”

One problem though – in this particular case the keyword “Apple” referred to computers not fruit.

Bing Decision Engine

Bing Decision Engine

Both search media and search advertisers still have further to go before they can predictively decode and match which context determines where their keyword ads will be shown.

Superpages Promoting Google and Yahoo Paid Search

October 17, 2009

While logging into my account I noticed a promotion for paid search products from both Google and Yahoo.

SuperPages Google Yahoo Ads

SuperPages Google Yahoo Ads

Although I am highly certain there are significant benefits available to advertisers who use Superpages to place Google and Yahoo advertisements in their behalf, I not as certain what benefits beyond a percentage of advertising spend will receive for sharing their advertisers with Google and Yahoo.

Authorized Adwords Reseller

Authorized Adwords Reseller

Adwords Max CPC Bid Simulator

September 13, 2009

I noticed in one of my Google Adwords accounts, their new Max CPC Bid Simulator doesn’t provide data on every keyword in an Ad Group.

Max CPC Bid Simulator

Max CPC Bid Simulator

I asked several Adwords Experts if they knew whether this was until more history data became available within the account or whether the tool didn’t have network level data to draw upon.

Any ideas why the Adwords Max CPC Bid Simulator doesn’t provide data for each keyword in an Ad Group?

New Adwords Interface Webinars

August 8, 2009

Learn the new AdWords interface from from the Google team that built it.

Final Adwords Interface Webinar

Final Adwords Interface Webinar

Ariel Bardin, Product Management Director for the new AdWords interface will host a final instructional webinar on August 20, 2009 At 9:30 PDT.

Webinar attendees will learn how to manage their accounts using the new interface and how to make use of the new features.

Bardin will close the webinar with a Q&A session where Adwords users can get their questions answered by the new AdWords interface team.

Participants can submit in advance the questions they would like most to have answered.

Ask a Google Adwords Question

Ask a Google Adwords Question

Webinar attendees can also vote for the questions already submitted they want to have answered.

Submit Adwords Questions

Submit Adwords Questions

With twelve days until the final New Adwords interface webinar, 226 people have submitted 94 questions and cast 830 votes.

Sign up here for the final Adwords interface webinar.

Adwords Text Ad Composer Gadget: Eventually An Adwords Tool?

October 30, 2008

iGoogle has a large number of gadgets available for use within iGoogle accounts.

Google account holders can search for gadgets to add to their iGoogle home page from ten different categories.

Google gadget categories to select from:

* News
* Tools
* Communication
* Fun & Games
* Finance
* Sports
* Lifestyle
* Technology
* Politics

…and the newest Gadget category: * Editor’s picks.

I focus on several areas of interest while working online and I have used Google’s gadget search to locate gadgets for making my work easier.

A search for gadgets under Adwords produces four page of results.

I found an Adwords gadget I like and recommend called the Adwords Composer Tool.

Search For Gadgets Adwords

Search For Gadgets Adwords

Once added to your iGoogle page, Google users can create and then test whether or not their Adwords ads meet Google text ads maximum characters per line criteria.

Adwords Widget

Adwords Widget

Each line of Google text ads allows the following maximum number of characters:

Ad Title: 25 characters

Ad Description Line 1: 35 characters

Ad Description Line 2: 35 characters

Ad Display URL: 35 characters

Ad Destination URL: 1,024 characters

With the Adwords Gadget, Adwords advertisers can compose mock ads without having to log in to their Google Adwords account.

It would be great if Google would add an ad composition tool to their set of Google Adwords Tools and then make it available externally like they when they created their “Adwords External Keyword Suggestion Tool“.

Until then, this Adwords ad composer gadget from Wisitech will do.

Adwords advertisers can also go to Wisitech’s web site to use the tool if they prefer.

Adwords Composer

Adwords Composer

Search Gadgets to add the Adwords Composer tool to your iGoogle account or visit to find their Adword text ad composer tool along with the several other Adwords tools they offer.

Adwords Ad Composer Tool

Adwords Ad Composer Tool

Google Adwords Quality Score Updated

September 21, 2008

As promised on the Inside Adwords blog, Adwords accounts are now showing Quality Score data for each ad and its keyword.

I first noticed the Quality Score data across all of my active accounts yesterday.

Each ad and keyword’s Quality Score shows its status – whether the ads are showing or not as well as its numeric Quality Score.

I have found Adwords Quality scores ranging from 9 down through 2.

I am not sure whether Adwords assigns a Quality Score of 10 to any ads and keywords performance. Nor am I sure whether they score any ad and keyword below 2.

If Adwords does, I haven’t yet found any examples to share.

Within the new Adwords Quality scoring system, ads and keywords which score 9 and 8 are considered “Great”.

Adwords Quality Score 9

Adwords Quality Score 9

Adwords Quality Score 8

Adwords Quality Score 8

Ads and keywords showing 7, 6 and 5 are “OK”.

Quality Score 7

Quality Score 7

Quality Score 6

Quality Score 6

Quality Score 5

Quality Score 5

Ads and their keywords with Quality scores of 4, 3 and 2 are considered “Poor”.

Quality Score 4+No

Quality Score 4+No

Quality Score 3 No+Poor

Quality Score 3 No+Poor

Quality Score 2 No+Poor

Quality Score 2 No+Poor

I have found examples of OK Quality Scores where the ad and its keywords weren’t being shown for numerous reasons.

Additionally, I have found examples of ads and their keywords being shown while still having a Poor Quality Score.

Having numeric Adwords Quality Scores for each ad and keyword will surely help Google Adwords deliver more relevant and targeted advertising while also helping their advertisers score more targeted search traffic. Super Bowl Ad

February 5, 2008

97.5 million viewers on average watched Super Bowl XLII.

Advertisers paid $2,700,000 for a 30 second spot. The advertisers effectively paid .027 per impression to reach the second largest television audience ever recorded.

Only large brands or smaller ones betting the company can afford Super Bowl commercials.

An important question for any business contemplating making such a large one-time purchase is – what percentage of the audience is inactive? What percentage of the audience is unreceptive to my company and its offer?

80% inactive audience?

90% inactive audience?

99.99% inactive audience?

100% inactive audience?

More importantly, what percentage of the television audience is an active audience? An audience who will at some point now or in the future be interested in what I am selling let alone buy it?

100% active audience?

10% active audience?

1% active audience?

0% active audience?

It would be an interesting case study to see what amount – if any – recoups from its Super Bowl XLII brand messaging and offer investment.

Alternatively with the same $2,700,000, could have bought 2,700,000 active audience members @ $1.00 clicks through a Google Advertising Professional.

Even bidding and paying $5.00 a click, could have reached and connected with 540,000 American salesmen looking for leads.

I wonder how many sales people acted on their Super Bowl ad? 5 million? I doubt it. There probably aren’t 5 million sales leads buyers in the United States.

What are the odds they reached, fielded let alone converted 540,000 leads (.0055 of the entire Super Bowl audience) from their Super Bowl XLII ad?

Did advertising gamble beat the odds or get beaten by them?

Google’s Local Advertising Embedded with Google Maps

January 29, 2008

As I mentioned in my last post, Google has begun taking additional steps to bridge the gap between web search traffic and their advertiser’s foot traffic.

In researching the different types of Local OneBox results found both here in the United States and abroad, I found an Adwords ad format I hadn’t yet seen – an Adwords Ad with a Google Maps icon embedded within the Google Adwords advertiser’s ad.

By adding Google Maps images to local advertisers ads, Google has simplified and reduced the searching online to visiting off line and in person to three steps.

Step 1. The search for local products or services : Oklahoma City Web Design

The search for “Oklahoma City Web Design” produced the usual sponsored links both those above the new 10 OneBox results and those found along the right rail. However, after closer inspection I noticed the second listing had a maps icon embedded in the ad.

Google Local Adwords Ad + Google Maps

Step 2. Local product or service providers advertisement selected. Selection factors could include brands or services offered and their convenience to the searcher.

Google Local Adwords Ad + Google Maps Expansion

Step 3. After placing a call to the advertiser to verify their products availability and price, the searcher can then complete the three step process from searching online to buying off line by then getting directions to the advertisers location through Google Maps.

Google Local Adwords Ad + Google Maps Expansion + Directions

By adding the Google Maps feature to local Google Adwords advertisers ads, Google has bridged the gap between web search traffic and foot traffic in a fresh, unique and beneficial way.

June 28, 2007

On numerous occasions I have typed in a domain only to be redirected to the site

Today I found them after looking at my content placement report stats in my Google Adwords My Client Center account.

Of all the sites my ads appeared on yesterday, their Domain Ads had by far generated the largest number of impressions. However, Google doesn’t report “Domain Ads” at the domain level like each of the other content partners in my report. I can only assume Domain Ads is also

Based on the large number of impressions “Domains Ads” generated, they appear to control a large domain portfolio. This leads me to conclude they are a professional domainer.

The site promises to launch on July 7, 2007. (07-07-07)

Their WhoIs Record shows Centreville, VA based DreamSeller Inc. – In Stealth Mode as the registrant.

It would be helpful to advertisers for Google Adwords to parse out the domains within parked domain portfolios too when bundling reports of large quantities of impressions under one reseller like Domain Ads.