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Adwords Text Ad Composer Gadget: Eventually An Adwords Tool?

October 30, 2008

iGoogle has a large number of gadgets available for use within iGoogle accounts.

Google account holders can search for gadgets to add to their iGoogle home page from ten different categories.

Google gadget categories to select from:

* News
* Tools
* Communication
* Fun & Games
* Finance
* Sports
* Lifestyle
* Technology
* Politics

…and the newest Gadget category: * Editor’s picks.

I focus on several areas of interest while working online and I have used Google’s gadget search to locate gadgets for making my work easier.

A search for gadgets under Adwords produces four page of results.

I found an Adwords gadget I like and recommend called the Adwords Composer Tool.

Search For Gadgets Adwords

Search For Gadgets Adwords

Once added to your iGoogle page, Google users can create and then test whether or not their Adwords ads meet Google text ads maximum characters per line criteria.

Adwords Widget

Adwords Widget

Each line of Google text ads allows the following maximum number of characters:

Ad Title: 25 characters

Ad Description Line 1: 35 characters

Ad Description Line 2: 35 characters

Ad Display URL: 35 characters

Ad Destination URL: 1,024 characters

With the Adwords Gadget, Adwords advertisers can compose mock ads without having to log in to their Google Adwords account.

It would be great if Google would add an ad composition tool to their set of Google Adwords Tools and then make it available externally like they when they created their “Adwords External Keyword Suggestion Tool“.

Until then, this Adwords ad composer gadget from Wisitech will do.

Adwords advertisers can also go to Wisitech’s web site to use the tool if they prefer.

Adwords Composer

Adwords Composer

Search Gadgets to add the Adwords Composer tool to your iGoogle account or visit to find their Adword text ad composer tool along with the several other Adwords tools they offer.

Adwords Ad Composer Tool

Adwords Ad Composer Tool