Google’s Local Advertising Embedded with Google Maps

As I mentioned in my last post, Google has begun taking additional steps to bridge the gap between web search traffic and their advertiser’s foot traffic.

In researching the different types of Local OneBox results found both here in the United States and abroad, I found an Adwords ad format I hadn’t yet seen – an Adwords Ad with a Google Maps icon embedded within the Google Adwords advertiser’s ad.

By adding Google Maps images to local advertisers ads, Google has simplified and reduced the searching online to visiting off line and in person to three steps.

Step 1. The search for local products or services : Oklahoma City Web Design

The search for “Oklahoma City Web Design” produced the usual sponsored links both those above the new 10 OneBox results and those found along the right rail. However, after closer inspection I noticed the second listing had a maps icon embedded in the ad.

Google Local Adwords Ad + Google Maps

Step 2. Local product or service providers advertisement selected. Selection factors could include brands or services offered and their convenience to the searcher.

Google Local Adwords Ad + Google Maps Expansion

Step 3. After placing a call to the advertiser to verify their products availability and price, the searcher can then complete the three step process from searching online to buying off line by then getting directions to the advertisers location through Google Maps.

Google Local Adwords Ad + Google Maps Expansion + Directions

By adding the Google Maps feature to local Google Adwords advertisers ads, Google has bridged the gap between web search traffic and foot traffic in a fresh, unique and beneficial way.



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