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How I Got Here; Where Here Is…

January 18, 2010

The following is an introductory email I sent to a software company owner I met a couple days ago.

After having sent it, I realized the email summed up in a general way – how I got here and where here is (what I do).

Having been in the workforce since I was 10, I tried to just touch on the parts I believed would be of most interest to him and his business.

Dear Mr X,

I really enjoyed meeting you and talking about your career and business last night.

You are the first person I have ever met who admitted to being unemployable!

It wasn’t until I was in my mid 20s before I realized I probably wouldn’t ever be able to hold down a traditional 9 – 5 job. Getting up 4:00 AM all those years, buying and selling newspapers, dealing with customers directly and basically being my own boss at age 10 made me an entrepreneur long before I knew there was such a word.

The trick for me was finding opportunity here in Oklahoma beyond the oil and gas industry.

I experienced the oil and gas industry’s cyclicality first hand while working on an offshore drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico (1981-1982).

After oil and gas prices plummeted in the early 80’s, I realized I no longer wanted my livelihood and opportunities tied to commodity prices.

It wasn’t until my mid 30s ((1995) that I got into the software business with one of Oklahoma’s
few software companies –

Oddly enough, I met the owner of Amcat while at a conference in Los Angeles. We were the only people in attendance from Oklahoma out of 500 business people from around the world.

In 1999 I won the contract to expand Amcat’s operations to Europe based on research I had done that
was confirmed by analysts from Datamonitor when we exhibited at a trade show in San Francisco.

The Datamonitor analysts confirmed the entry level Call Center market on the Continent and in the UK was untapped and thus under-served. Large 100 to 1,000 person call centers were the norm while few small to medium size business owners in Europe had yet to ever hear of or use computer telephony and predictive dialers to generate leads. The predictive dialer can double – even triple – lead production with half the telemarketing staff ( as few as four people). Business owners could pay for their new dialer with the savings from their reduced payroll expenses – and they did. Amcat’s first international office expansion became profitable within the first six months of operation.

My son Edward – who was with us last night – is a twin. His brother Phillip died in my arms on January 14, 2000.

Phillip’s unexpected death came shortly after I had completed my UK project. After his death, I vowed that I would never travel as much as I did then for business again.

I also decided I wanted to be able to run my consulting practice from anywhere in the world from the laptop computer I had used to open Amcat’s London based headquarters.

After several months of reflection, I decided the internet and search engines specifically were going to
be the wave of the future. As a consultant who only eats what he can sell, the premise and promise behind search engine technology was a dream come true – leads come in over the web instead of having to go out and get them!

As far as I was concerned, I had already done a lifetime’s worth of going door to door and pounding the pavement – I didn’t need any more practice.

Yahoo was both the internet and “search” market leader in early 2000. Not long thereafter, Yahoo started
embedding a new startup’s search technology (Google) to provide Yahoo’s audience with even better search results.

Once I discovered Google and the quality of its search results, I decided I was going to do everything in my power to understand how top of the page rankings were produced in order for me to master the search placement and positioning process. I knew with this knowledge in hand, I could then fulfill the promise of generating leads and sales over the internet for my consulting practice.

Luckily for me, Google didn’t tank!

Several years after Google came out with its advertising product – Google Adwords – they then came out with the Google Advertising Professionals credential which I earned. I was one of the first people worldwide to receive the Google Advertising Professionals designation.

I have been generating leads and sales online with Google Adwords ever since.

It wasn’t easy and didn’t come without a price, but I can now do in my sleep what use to cause me many sleeplessness nights.

What does any of this have to do with you and your business?

The web and Google / Yahoo / Bing search engines are how buyers research and shop potential vendors solutions now.

A business is either present with its message and link during a prospects search or it isn’t.

I help businesses discover where their prospects and buyers are searching and shopping for solutions
online and then I put their message links (website) there to initiate the transaction (leads or sales) process.

If you ever have an interest in gaining further insight or knowledge into how Google search works, let me know and I would be happy to talk to you and your team about it further.


Tim Cohn


Include Your Twitter Address in YouTube Videos

February 3, 2009

Danny Sullivan tweeted his plans for placing his Twitter address on his business cards.

Great idea.

I too have been considering ways to cross promote some of my content from one platform to another.

His tweet prompted me to follow through with several ideas I have had for extending my Twitter account’s reach.

I have added my Twitter address to my Google Adwords Professional video on YouTube.

YouTube Twitter

YouTube Twitter

To me, it seems only natural for YouTube producers to add their Twitter contact details to their videos.

I am surprised YouTube hasn’t yet added Twitter as one of their sharing options.

Share YouTube with Twitter

Share YouTube with Twitter

Its not an option on YouTube yet…

Surely adding Twitter to YouTube’s share options would help both properties further develop and deepen their respective shares audience attention.

Connecting YouTube’s  and Twitter’s audiences may provide further monetization opportunities as well.

Google Advertising Professional Video

February 6, 2008

As a Google Advertising Professional, I use the Google Adwords keyword suggestion tool daily.

Here is my Google Adwords video showing how to use  keyword suggestion tool and a link to the Google Adwords external keyword suggestion tool. Super Bowl Ad

February 5, 2008

97.5 million viewers on average watched Super Bowl XLII.

Advertisers paid $2,700,000 for a 30 second spot. The advertisers effectively paid .027 per impression to reach the second largest television audience ever recorded.

Only large brands or smaller ones betting the company can afford Super Bowl commercials.

An important question for any business contemplating making such a large one-time purchase is – what percentage of the audience is inactive? What percentage of the audience is unreceptive to my company and its offer?

80% inactive audience?

90% inactive audience?

99.99% inactive audience?

100% inactive audience?

More importantly, what percentage of the television audience is an active audience? An audience who will at some point now or in the future be interested in what I am selling let alone buy it?

100% active audience?

10% active audience?

1% active audience?

0% active audience?

It would be an interesting case study to see what amount – if any – recoups from its Super Bowl XLII brand messaging and offer investment.

Alternatively with the same $2,700,000, could have bought 2,700,000 active audience members @ $1.00 clicks through a Google Advertising Professional.

Even bidding and paying $5.00 a click, could have reached and connected with 540,000 American salesmen looking for leads.

I wonder how many sales people acted on their Super Bowl ad? 5 million? I doubt it. There probably aren’t 5 million sales leads buyers in the United States.

What are the odds they reached, fielded let alone converted 540,000 leads (.0055 of the entire Super Bowl audience) from their Super Bowl XLII ad?

Did advertising gamble beat the odds or get beaten by them?

Google Local Business Results Expanded

January 18, 2008

Google is now showing ten results for businesses under city, retail and service related queries instead of three.

This does two things:

1. It provides local businesses more exposure in local related searches. This in turn may aid Google’s efforts to generate more locally targeted advertising from retail and service businesses.

2. It reveals the lack of forethought shown by most businesses when it comes to choosing their free yellow pages category when ordering their phone line. If I had not spent years studying potential yellow pages categories for both mine and my client’s businesses, I too probably wouldn’t have given it much thought either. The data displayed under each query is only as informed as the person who placed the original order with the phone company.

In the following example under a Google search for “marketing oklahoma city” you can see about half of the businesses listed are probably not in the business of providing “marketing” services in Oklahoma City.

Marketing Oklahoma City

However, in a search for “marketing consultant oklahoma city” you can see nearly all of the businesses listed likely provide marketing consultant services in Oklahoma City.

Marketing Consultant Oklahoma City

Fortunately my business listing – Advanced Marketing Consultants – appears within both searches today.

Yes, every business with a phone line will probably now appear in a local search result.

One question remains – will their listing be shown to the right audience?

Google Advertising Seminars

May 26, 2007

I decided to apply for the Google Adwords Seminar leader position again.

Their latest application was slightly different from the first one in December of 2005. After looking over my original application, I am surprised my application was even given serious consideration.

Two Google Adwords Seminar Leaders were chosen in early 2006. I believe they have since presented Google Adwords seminars to over 1,000 attendees.

Spending the last year and a half preparing for and writing my book: For Sale By Google – How To Make Money on the Internet Selling Your Products Using Google Adwords and Search Engine Marketing Strategies has given me an entirely different perspective on the paid search business and search in general.

I believe my answers below do in fact reflect that change in perspective.

Section 1:
Background Info
All fields are required.

First Name: Tim
Last Name: Cohn

Email address: timcohn at

Website: Search Marketing Communications

Phone number: 405-842-0163

Current Address:
(Street address) 6403 NW Grand Blvd., Suite 208
(City) Nichols Hills
(State / Province) OK
(Zip Code/Postal Code) 73116

1) How long have you been an AdWords advertiser?

Since March of 2002.

2) Do you have experience with other advertising channels? If so, please explain.

Yes, since 1989 I have been a direct marketing consultant.

I have developed marketing campaigns through nearly every form of advertising media available to the small and medium size business.

I have created and ran advertising campaigns in radio, television, magazines, newspapers, yellow pages and direct mail. No other recognized form of media compares to Google paid search. Word of mouth marketing out performs paid search but the process has yet become measurable and thus manageable.

Since the advent of Adwords, I have focused exclusively on producing results for myself and clients through reaching the search audience through paid search.

I have personally managed the production of 100 million impressions and one million clicks.

3) Do you have teaching or training experience? If so, please explain.

I spoke several years ago about the power of Google Adwords to business audiences in Atlanta, GA and Scottsdale, AZ. I have since accepted a contract to write a book about my Google Adwords experience for John Wiley and Sons. The book, For Sale By Google – How to Make Money Selling Your Products on the Internet Using Google Adwords and Search Engine Marketing Strategies is nearing completion.

As you may gather from the title, the book targets the small to medium size business market with an emphasis on how they can reach their audience more cost efficiently with Google Adwords as compared to their other media options while generating leads and sales in the process.

I believe my direct marketing background which is rooted firmly in advertising accountability and return on investment helps me give proper perspective to the small business owner who needs guidance when it comes to choosing where best to place their advertising dollars.

4) Do you or any of your family members work in the internet search and advertising industry, or for any company that you might reasonably consider to be a direct competitor to Google? If so, please explain.


5) Resume: please paste your resume or a URL linking to your resume into the box below.

As a self-employed marketing consultant, I don’t have a resume per se. However, I do however keep a Curriculum Vitae of the projects and deals I am working on.

Section 2: Short Answers
1) Why do you want to be an AdWords Seminar Leader? (1-2 paragraphs)

A. If I am not constantly teaching others all that I have learned and I continue to learn about Google Adwords, I will be doing both them and my self a disservice.

B. I believe in the power Google Adwords has to transform the small business and the small business owner’s life! I made a commitment to understanding and mastering Adwords to the best of ability long before it became a requisite for being competitive in the market.

2) What is the most challenging situation you have faced when managing AdWords accounts? (1-2 paragraphs)

Being ignorant of any Adwords feature.

3) If you could change one thing about AdWords, what would it be? (1 paragraph)

Add Zip Code Targeting.

4) What is your favorite AdWords tool or report? Why? (1 paragraph)

The Keyword Tool.

Because it rationalizes demand into language.

Section 3: Video Presentation
Please submit one video presentation containing the following 2 components:

a) Introduction (max 1 min.) – Tell us who you are, when you first started using AdWords, and why you want to be an AdWords Seminar Leader.

b) Lesson (max 7 min.) – Choose one of the following two topics and create a lesson as if it were a partial session of an AdWords Seminar. You may use visual aids, but please do not repeat or reuse any materials from the AdWords Learning Center.

* OPTION 1: Your audience is a group of local small business owners with small advertising budgets. They are concerned about competing with large, national advertisers who are also advertising on AdWords. Explain to them how AdWords pricing works, and which AdWords features can help them advertise effectively in this competitive environment.

* OPTION 2: Your audience is a group of new AdWords advertisers. During the Q&A session of the seminar, one advertiser asks: “I’ve been advertising on AdWords for a few weeks. I’ve spent a few hundred bucks, but I’m frustrated because I can’t get my ad to show up on the first page of search results. I’m always in 7th or 8th place on the second page. How do I get my ad to show up on the first page?” How would you address his question?

Google Adwords Seminar Leader

May 23, 2007

I applied for the Google Adwords Seminar Leader position the first time around several days after Google’s deadline. Nothing like being prompt and on time to make a favorable first impression…

My submission was late “because” at that time, I couldn’t post my “audition” video on Google Video via my Mac. After several attempts to upload my video, I gave up.

I had counted on being able to submit my entire application electronically.

By the time I had sent my video overnight to Google headquarters, their deadline had already came and went.

Several weeks after the deadline, I received an email stating that after “careful consideration” two others were chosen over me.

Since I can now submit my video via YouTube, I am considering reapplying.

Adwords Seminar Leader