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Insight: YouTube Statistics

September 4, 2008

My Google Keyword Suggestion Tool video on YouTube is attracting one of the oldest audience segments YouTube reaches.

YouTube Demographic Stats

YouTube Demographic Stats

According to Insight, YouTube’s statistics package, 100% of YouTube viewers of my 2:25 minute Google Keyword Suggestion tool video within the last 30 days were 45-54 year old males.

Not 50% or 80% but 100%.

If women aren’t watching keyword suggestion tool videos on YouTube, I wonder what types of videos women are watching on YouTube?

YouTube Insight statistics also provide data on a video’s popularity within a country and how it was discovered through its source of views “discovery” tab.

YouTube Country Stats

YouTube Country Stats

YouTube Discovery

YouTube Discovery

YouTube Insight provides statistics to everyone who publishes their videos on YouTube.

Get insight into how your videos are performing by logging into your account and clicking on “My Videos”.

Each video has a dashboard with Play, Edit, Annotations and Insight buttons.

Click on Insight to learn how each of your videos are performing on YouTube.


Google Advertising Professional Video

February 6, 2008

As a Google Advertising Professional, I use the Google Adwords keyword suggestion tool daily.

Here is my Google Adwords video showing how to use  keyword suggestion tool and a link to the Google Adwords external keyword suggestion tool.