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Sample Adwords My Client Center User Interface and API Access Request

August 20, 2009

Anytime a Google Adwords Professional or Adwords Management firm begins the Adwords account management process, its highly likely they will initiate either User Interface or API access to manage the account – or both.

Google Adwords API Access and Management

Google Adwords API Access and Management

Once initiated, the Google Adwords account holder will receive a message like the one above in their Adwords account where they can either accept or reject the account management request.

Once the request is accepted, the Adwords account manager will then see the new account in their My Client Center along with all of the other accounts they manage.

Adding an account to the manager’s My Client Center lets an Adwords Professional manage all of their client’s accounts from a single User Interface – their My Client Center.

Include Your Twitter Address in YouTube Videos

February 3, 2009

Danny Sullivan tweeted his plans for placing his Twitter address on his business cards.

Great idea.

I too have been considering ways to cross promote some of my content from one platform to another.

His tweet prompted me to follow through with several ideas I have had for extending my Twitter account’s reach.

I have added my Twitter address to my Google Adwords Professional video on YouTube.

YouTube Twitter

YouTube Twitter

To me, it seems only natural for YouTube producers to add their Twitter contact details to their videos.

I am surprised YouTube hasn’t yet added Twitter as one of their sharing options.

Share YouTube with Twitter

Share YouTube with Twitter

Its not an option on YouTube yet…

Surely adding Twitter to YouTube’s share options would help both properties further develop and deepen their respective shares audience attention.

Connecting YouTube’s  and Twitter’s audiences may provide further monetization opportunities as well.