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Available Google Certification Exams

June 10, 2010

As mentioned in previous posts, I am preparing to take the new Google Certification program tests to obtain my Google Individually Qualified (GIQ) status.

In their new program, Google has cleverly transposed the status term that used to be known as “Qualified Individual” into “Individually Qualified” which in turn produced their new G – “IQ” acronym.

After spending some time inside their program since its migration to the new Google Adwords Interface, navigation to different sections within the Pro Center often seems difficult.

I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that the Google Adwords Certification Program Learning Center is on a secure site which requires logging in over and over again to get in and out of pages.

To obtain Adwords certification, individuals must pass at least two exams.

There are four exams planned while three are available to take at this time.

The available exams are the Advertising Fundamentals Exam, the Search Advertising Advanced Exam and the Reporting and Analysis Advanced Exam.

Available Google Exams

Available Google Exams

Google plans to offer the Display Advertising Advanced Exam at some point in the future.


Google Advertising Professionals Search

November 22, 2009

Preparing to take my Google Advertising Professionals exam, I have had to spend a lot of time poking around in the Google Advertising Professionals section of Google Adwords.

From within the Pro Center in my Google Adwords Client Center, I discovered Google Professionals Search.

According to Google Adverting Professionals Search:

Google Professionals Search is a way to find a list of agencies that are Google Advertising Professionals. Advertisers might use it to look for agencies to help them manage their AdWords campaigns, or they may be just starting out and looking for help getting started.

One of the drivers for agencies or consultants to become qualified and badged is to support their new business activity. Many agencies and Google Advertising Professionals have asked for additional visibility of their certified status, so we’re adding another way for advertisers to find our agency partners.

We’ll direct advertisers looking for help through information in help centers and other appropriate places.

To be included, you’ll need to opt in to the Professionals Search; you won’t be included without your express permission. If you opt in, we’ll ask you to provide additional information to match you with advertisers you’re willing to help. We’ll ask you to choose a minimum budget range you’re willing to work with, the type of services you offer, as well as provide your website and company name so interested advertisers can contact you. Note, if you opt in, but don’t provide this information, you will not show up for any searches (since parameters will not be set). We think this helps match suitable professionals, and we’ll test and refine as we learn more about the success of the Professionals Search.

Search For Google Advertising Professionals

Search For Google Advertising Professionals

I am not sure whether Google Advertising Professionals Search is a new or old feature in Google Adwords, but the search function isn’t enabled or active.

Google Advertising Professionals Search 404

Google Advertising Professionals Search 404

Google Advertising Professionals Help

November 20, 2009

I am in the process of renewing my Google Advertising Professional certification and have found several inconsistencies between the previous Adwords interface and the new one.

A lot of the links don’t work.

For example, clicking on the Google Advertising Professionals Help link from within My Client Center produces the following “Page not available” message.

Google Advertising Professionals Help

Google Advertising Professionals Help

Google Adwords Professional Status Post Mortem

October 21, 2009

I received the following email today from Google regarding the expiration of my Google Adwords Professional status.

Email Notice

Email Notice

We are writing to alert you that your Company’s Qualified status in the Google Advertising Professionals Program has lapsed. This has happened for one of the following reasons:

At least one required exam for a Professional associated with your program has expired

Your spend for client accounts has dropped below the 90-day requirement

Log into your Google Advertising Professionals account here to learn more.

Your Company account pages at the Google Advertising Professionals Program site have also been updated to reflect this information. Please log into your account to learn more about how you can correct this problem as soon as possible.

Your authorization to use the Qualified logo has been revoked, and you may not link to it or use it in your promotional materials until you have regained your Qualified status.

To learn more about program qualification requirements, please visit the Help Center.


Google Advertising Professionals Team

You have received this email because you are an Administrator of a Company account in the Google Advertising Professionals program. As such, we send you alerts and notifications when critical events take place that require your attention.


Indeed, my Google Adwords Company summary page has had my portion of its account’s history scraped, however the number of days since I created my first Adwords account and my 90 managed spend data are still visible.

As I wrote about previously, I actually created my first Adwords account in March of 2002. I don’t know why this isn’t correct within my account’s data.

Qualified Status

Qualified Status

As mentioned in their email, Google has disabled the link to the Professional status badge I previously linked to.

For those of you keeping track – Google does this on the 30th day after an individual’s status expires.

Adwords Professional Lapse

Adwords Professional Lapse

I was one of the first 25 people in the world to pass the Google Adwords Professional Exam – a long time ago.

When the Adwords Professional program was launched, there was no mention of having to retake an exam every two years to remain qualified.

Being asked to retake their exam isn’t unreasonable – its just inconvenient.

I am not sure when or if Google ever officially announced Adwords Professionals had to take an exam every two years to remain qualified but for those of you who weren’t aware of this requirement – in addition to the Google Adwords minimum spend requirements – you do.

Yes, I did receive notice from Google in My Client Center account about my Adwords Professional status expiring – fourteen days before it expired!

Adwords Pro Messages

Adwords Pro Messages

Maybe its just me, but I need more than 14 days advance notice to plan for, schedule, take and pass a test – particularly one I hadn’t planned on taking.

How about this Google Advertising Professionals team: Can Adwords Professionals get 30 days notice prior to an Adwords Professional status lapsing instead of fourteen?

I am sure a majority of the other 1,000+ Google Advertising Professionals in the world would second and ratify my motion.

This would surely help those of us who spend all of our time managing Google Adwords accounts instead of spending our time taking tests to prove we know how to manage Adwords accounts.

Google Adwords Qualified Individual Status

September 6, 2009

My Google Adwords Qualified Individual Status expires September 21, 2009.

Google Adwords Qualified Individual Status

Google Adwords Qualified Individual Status

The Google Advertising Professionals program has migrated from the old Adwords interface  to the new Adwords Ajax based interface.

Google Advertising Professionals Old Interface

Google Advertising Professionals Old Interface

For some reason, My Client Center data isn’t linked to my original Google Adwords account which I created on March 5, 2002.

March 5 2002 September 8 2009

March 5 2002 September 8 2009

If it were, the days since my first Adwords account creation would be closer to 3,000 than the 1,756 days reported.

Google Advertising Professionals Company

Google Advertising Professionals Company

Sample Adwords My Client Center User Interface and API Access Request

August 20, 2009

Anytime a Google Adwords Professional or Adwords Management firm begins the Adwords account management process, its highly likely they will initiate either User Interface or API access to manage the account – or both.

Google Adwords API Access and Management

Google Adwords API Access and Management

Once initiated, the Google Adwords account holder will receive a message like the one above in their Adwords account where they can either accept or reject the account management request.

Once the request is accepted, the Adwords account manager will then see the new account in their My Client Center along with all of the other accounts they manage.

Adding an account to the manager’s My Client Center lets an Adwords Professional manage all of their client’s accounts from a single User Interface – their My Client Center.

Google Adwords Beta: Latest Browsers Only

February 11, 2009

My trusty MacBook Pro hard disk drive failed and I have had to switch to an older box to try and work on while my hard disk drive gets replaced.

Its easy to forget just how far computers and browsers specifically have come in the last few years until you have to try to get any work done on an older machine!

Browser page load times take an eternity.

In the time it takes for one of these pages to load on this old box, I could have completed three other tasks on a newer machine.

Which brings me to the subject and point of this post: The new Adwords Updated Interface will not work with older browsers.

Should I now thank my Apple MacBook Pro for failing because it gave me this topic to cover?

I can still log into My Client Center in Google Adwords and access my clients’ data because my personal Adwords account was the only one to get the Adwords Beta Invite.

More from Google Adwords about use with older browsers:

The updated AdWords interface may not work properly in your web browser. We are working hard to add support for more browsers. Until then, please use Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, or Chrome to manage your campaigns. The updated AdWords interface may be slower on older versions of Firefox. For better results, we recommend upgrading to Firefox 3.

Indeed Google. Firefox’s Beta 3.1 worked fine just a few days ago when I was working on my MacBook Pro.

I bought my MacBook Pro to get and run all of the latest and greatest software.

Unfortunately, I didn’t upgrade this old PowerBook G4 which requires Mac OS 10.4 to run Firefox 3.

I have Mac OS 10.3.9.

Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta

January 29, 2009

Today while logged into My Client Center in Google Adwords, I received an invite to Beta Test the Updated Adwords Interface.

Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta

Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta

I am glad they asked.

Over time, I have noticed many functionality issues throughout my Google Adwords dashboard.

I would have reported my findings some place other than here on this blog had I known who to contact or where to report my discoveries.

For example, one Adwords usability issue I discovered was the inability of My Client Center account users to dismiss Alerts from their Alert center after they were read.

Adwords has finally added a check box to dismiss some My Client Center Alerts but not all of them.

From the Adwords Updated Interface Beta:

Updated Interface Beta

Updated Interface Beta

I am looking forward to participating in the Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta.

I am switching to the Updated Interface now and will share any suggestions I have for increasing Google Adwords account management usability both here on this blog and directly with the Adwords Updated Interface Beta team.

How To Switch

How To Switch

First Screen Shot of the Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta:

New Adwords Interface

New Adwords Interface

Update: More about Low Share of Voice and other discoveries in the the Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta.

Google Adwords YouTube Sponsored Video Ads Diagnostic Tool?

January 24, 2009

I have been testing YouTube sponsored video advertising since December 6th and have started to notice both differences and  similarities between the YouTube advertising program and its cousin Google Adwords.

Back in December I established my Sponsored Video campaign in the Tim Cohn YouTube account.

However to write and launch a sponsored video ad on YouTube, advertisers must have a Google Adwords account. Once my ads were up and running the sponsored video campaign data became available in both my YouTube and my Google Adwords account.

In the beginning I would login to my YouTube account to check my ads performance. However, after several days I realized it was taking twice the effort necessary.

For years I have logged in and viewed advertising account performance data for my self and clients several times a day from within “My Client Center” in Google Adwords.

I now also prefer viewing my YouTube sponsored video performance data from within My Client Center as well.

Its just a lot easier to do.

However, viewing YouTube sponsored video data with an Adwords account causes an entire list of new compatibility issues to arise.

For instance: Checking a Sponsored video ads distribution with the Adwords Ads Diagnostic Tool – doesn’t work.

The Google Adwords Ads Diagnostic Tool doesn’t even recognize YouTube as a Google property.

YouTube Adwords

YouTube Adwords

If YouTube ad data is made available within an Adwords account shouldn’t the corresponding Adwords tools work for sponsored video ads data as well?

If they were intended to -they don’t.

I think if the tools were intended to work – no one  has checked on their functionality but me.

If they weren’t intended to work – why then is YouTube Sponsored Video Ads data made available within Google Adwords advertisers accounts?

I realize the Sponsored Video Ad program is less than two months old.

Surely other YouTube advertisers are encountering some of the same post launch issues and have questions like I do.

Where is the YouTube Sponsored Video Ad forum?

Has it been created yet?

Will it be created?

Until then or informed otherwise, consider this blog post the inaugural YouTube sponsored video ad users group forum.

Feel free to leave any questions you have about YouTube Sponsored Video ads in the comments section below and between us we can work to establish the YouTube Sponsored Video ad knowledge base.