Google Advertising Professionals Search

Preparing to take my Google Advertising Professionals exam, I have had to spend a lot of time poking around in the Google Advertising Professionals section of Google Adwords.

From within the Pro Center in my Google Adwords Client Center, I discovered Google Professionals Search.

According to Google Adverting Professionals Search:

Google Professionals Search is a way to find a list of agencies that are Google Advertising Professionals. Advertisers might use it to look for agencies to help them manage their AdWords campaigns, or they may be just starting out and looking for help getting started.

One of the drivers for agencies or consultants to become qualified and badged is to support their new business activity. Many agencies and Google Advertising Professionals have asked for additional visibility of their certified status, so we’re adding another way for advertisers to find our agency partners.

We’ll direct advertisers looking for help through information in help centers and other appropriate places.

To be included, you’ll need to opt in to the Professionals Search; you won’t be included without your express permission. If you opt in, we’ll ask you to provide additional information to match you with advertisers you’re willing to help. We’ll ask you to choose a minimum budget range you’re willing to work with, the type of services you offer, as well as provide your website and company name so interested advertisers can contact you. Note, if you opt in, but don’t provide this information, you will not show up for any searches (since parameters will not be set). We think this helps match suitable professionals, and we’ll test and refine as we learn more about the success of the Professionals Search.

Search For Google Advertising Professionals

Search For Google Advertising Professionals

I am not sure whether Google Advertising Professionals Search is a new or old feature in Google Adwords, but the search function isn’t enabled or active.

Google Advertising Professionals Search 404

Google Advertising Professionals Search 404


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